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  1. I loved it, the comments saying he’s ‘sloppy’ probably hate Jimmy page (guitar god) too

  2. Fuck. Ive been on the fence. And have never heard it before. I guess Im buying the vinyl for myself for christmas.

  3. You're not wrong. Both intros are based around an open G to D strum with open hammering. John does his on the lower strings, but it's quite similar. Jimmy's is more simple and rhythmic. It's a pretty common way to add embellishment to simple chords and happens in quite a lot of music.

  4. There’s actually a mashup of For Whom The Bell Tolls and Mariah Carey’s ‘All I want For Christmas

  5. Not necessarily violence, but all of UV is loosely themed around abusive relationships.

  6. Yeah, they really go all out for their fans. My favourite band ever is Maiden but they never do stuff like that.

  7. I’ve started to get to know the Iron maiden discography after listening to Kirk on Lars’ podcast; ‘Fear of the dark’ was played and Iv had it on repeat. Got any iron maiden recommendations???

  8. Any 80s album from Number of the Beast through to Seventh Son is pretty much a guaranteed winner. The reunion albums from Brave New World onwards are all very good too, Dance of Death being my favourite from those. I'd leave the 90s albums (No Prayer, Fear and the Blaze albums) to the end, they're definitely the weakest.

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