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  1. Lmao so you got shorted and say you need the money for bills. Your solution? Not to go into work to make money to pay said bills.

  2. Even if this was a good idea, how can we put this burden on our teachers? Especially given how much we pay them already to go above and beyond their responsibilities. All of a sudden it's the teachers responsibility to risk their lives too because of a problem we apparently don't know how to solve?

  3. The hell are you talking about. Its not a burden to be in a position to protect yourself. They’re not risking their lives, they are being set up to save their lives in an event a bad situation occurs.

  4. That's a fair position, and I would agree with you, if we assume these events are inevitable. I'm saying it is not the right solution. Now don't get me wrong, I am not saying less guns is the solution, although I am support of it. If we as a nation can't agree on the same solution, than nothing will improve. We need to find something that both sides can agree with for change to happen

  5. And I agree with you. Its a bad situation and this isn’t necessary the best solution. But if we stay on the current path we are on, its a bandaid.

  6. Surprised the bengals are that high. Almost every time ive been to that stadium the middle section is almost completely empty

  7. If the panthers had a roster good enough to compete then yes trade for him. But thats not the case and trading for him will win 6 games instead of 4.

  8. No. I’m using as an example to show how much medical centers like Wexner are profiting off of overpriced medical care in the country. I get that business is business, but a line has to be drawn where we need to stop sacrificing quality of life in order to stay healthy.

  9. Oh I didn't realize that chiropractors are incapable of doing rehab...please tell me more. And I suppose every patient that had no improvement from physical therapy but did with chiropractic are are all Qanon supporters?

  10. I never said chiros don’t do rehabilitation. I was referring to the fact that physical therapists follow treatment plans that are more holistic, safer, and are accepted by medical professionals. This is not the case for some chiros. There is no reason to go to a chiro when you can go to a physical therapist for the same, if not better, treatment.

  11. Citation needed. It is one of the rules to not post misinformation and be able to back up your claims.

  12. I wouldnt describe uncommon as being in a good location. Yeah its walkable, but its next to a blood bank, kroghetto, the public library, and a bus stop. No further explanation needed.

  13. Ive never seen so many people worried about IPR. Its such a minimal procedure that they dont even make us practice it in dental school, they just assume we know how.

  14. Omg 😳 But how do you measure the amount that you need to file down?

  15. Thats up to the Invisalign plan/the clinician. In terms of measurement its based off the width of the disc or if necessary, a perio probe.

  16. The added thickness of the retainers can absolutely cause temporary lip incompetence.

  17. Also add degrees M-FKA, C-NT, DMB-AS, and COCK-SKA.

  18. Teeth move by light, continuous pressure. Biting only applies a force for a second or two. This isn’t what will move your teeth. Better fitting aligners applying continuous pressure will.

  19. I'm sure Ford, Chevy, Toyota, etc. wouldn't mind the sudden availability of talent

  20. You clearly don’t work in tech. The biggest experts are also the guys who get the most flexibility to work from home. You take that flexibility away, and they’ll find another company that will give it back.

  21. Thats apparent. Musk isnt talking about the “biggest experts” here. Hes talking about the low levels that we all know are abusing the work at home lifestyle.

  22. How are you measuring the economy that you think it’s worth going back to 2020?

  23. Love this. He has high goals for his company. He doesn’t have time for lazy people. Don’t like it, get out and the company will find someone who will work harder than you

  24. Seems as if I have offended you in some way, this is not a personal attack lol

  25. Not at all. Just wondering what your reasoning was for thinking your treatment time could be cut in half

  26. Its the panthers tho… browns could have Mark Sanchez starting at qb and would still win

  27. As long as you aren’t a robot and have some level of social skills you shouldn’t have a problem getting in

  28. Why do you have to insult everyone? I never insulted you but everything you type is and insult. Everything. Think about it,

  29. Its not an insult at all. Im just saying your comment missed the whole point of my original comment. Just move on

  30. Lame 2000 model year wanna be sports cars with loud exhausts revving up and down high street in search of attention

  31. Its very minimal but the angulation of your lateral incisors is whats throwing you off. Trimming the incisal edges of all four incisors would definitely help with this. Overall though the results are really good for Invisalign.

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