1. Lol if it weren't worth any shit, you won't be replying. Now go cry somewhere else

  2. Is there a good way to convert pdfs to a file that the kindle can handle? My ex sent me a bunch of cool sounding books as pdfs and tried for about 5 seconds before I was like “oh this is unreadable”

  3. Convert them to MOBI version and send to kindle email. Or simply send them to your Kindle email and add "convert" on subject part and it will automatically convert. And will be readable.

  4. Rani did Mardani and now thinks every woman should just go full mardani mode as if it's women's fault and they should be responsible for whatever happens to them. Really used to like her but damn so ignorant, arrogant and shitty

  5. Agar Harvard graduates ka ye haal hai toh hum mohalle ke xyz college m padhke hi theek hai

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