1. I had this list lying around in a notepad so I formatted it for Reddit:

  2. They can run some of them. Check the latest faq. Mostly it's all the tanks and normal infantry options no catachand scions ogryns or comissars.

  3. And do you know if vehicles count as a brood Brothers unit?

  4. He won’t be using both languages. A surprising amount of people call chai, chai tea.

  5. Tbf Chai means a specific style of tea to most people here in the west

  6. Makes me think a lot of cho'gath from LoL voice lines could work...

  7. It's alluded to through dialogue in mass effect 2 by a krogan and a human wondering why the other is attracted to them if they look like their race iirc

  8. I'm currently replaying it so I'll keep an ear out. I do remember Kaiden not having an eye for Liara in ME1. But he's weird.

  9. It's at the afterlife with a couple of guys sitting by a dancing asari

  10. Still can't decide if I wanna make my guys pink or normal skin tones, after seeing this got me leaning g towards the second

  11. Great thanks for your help. Now can you fix the box?

  12. Find a sheet of cardboard and glue, staple, or tape

  13. Why would they have evolved to resist this forceful breeding? Females that are more difficult to impregnate will generally be less effective at reproducing. Reducing the number of female ducks with that “anti-rape”physiological trait in each new generation.

  14. As the other commenter alluded, evolution is not just “more babies == more successful”. When it comes to sexual trait selection, its about good babies, so forceful breeding is actually a bad thing. Females benefit from being able to choose because they can choose better mates which means “better” babies. Better babies mean the babies are more likely to survive. More likely to survive means more likely to perpetuate those genes, so on and so forth.

  15. Lol thanks for taking the time to answer with a bit more depth

  16. I believe it's so the female can determine if they think the male is fit for breeding

  17. Unlike the Ubisoft engineers, Mute actually has experience with technology

  18. Though like the ubisoft engineers he's good at breaking technology

  19. I think not running and being brave is the best solution here. Predators have a harder time with prey that don’t act like prey. This is probably the first standard human these two have met who didn’t unman themselves, cower, or flee.

  20. Gonna be honest dont think nightlords have a whole predator mentality, more likely to be dicks for the sake of being a dick

  21. In the way of you tyrannical Kansas nukers

  22. it looks like the 😭 emoji but angry crying

  23. Looks like a hawk who's trying to be goth

  24. Personally I'm seeing a large teddy bear standing up with large human like eyes

  25. About to start paintings my first members too, also happen to be aberrants. Lmk how it goes

  26. "But my life is hell! I want you to kill me!" - Jane Doe

  27. He didn't save their life, he ruined their death

  28. Animation is fantastic, honestly though beyond that doesn't strike me as that amazing of a movie. Just my opinion tho

  29. If you attack someone while they are bowing it's a not against the rules, just a dick move.

  30. Can I have a source for that? Most of what I've read seems to disagree

  31. Magnificent my ass all they do is fly around stealing fish

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