1. What I can't stand is that it's considered normal to save for 10 years for a downpayment, or to take out a mortgage for 8-9x your collective annual income.

  2. Change happens eith small steps. When you save up and buy your dwelling, feel free to sell it below market value when the time comes.

  3. Variable rate mortgages are a small segment of the total portfolio. What bigger bubble, we are in a deflationary period.

  4. I assume that climbing it isn't allowed.

  5. It's artificial, against the by-laws. There is a legitimate reason to ban those.

  6. Worthless word!!!, They can give up the wealth they accrued through exploitation back to those countries/ethnic communities they subjugated.

  7. Depends. Plates can definitely stop pretty much any military round, including AP. But yeah helmets will probably stop most pistol rounds but definitely not a rifle round.

  8. Normal ballistic helmets will stop 308 or 5.56 np. Russian helmets don't l. Most chest armour is also level 4. Russia can't even take a knife it seems from other videos.

  9. They have TR Swaps for noted amounts pretty much covering most core stocks to TSX at quite low spread/cost. Why create a product if you can swap the return?

  10. So he's in breach of a contract. That is plain and simple. But what are your damages? If this leaves you paying more for another place, you could hold him responsible.

  11. Famous? Everyone knows of mold. Specialized hunting parasite fungi are quite rare. Each one targets a specific insect only.

  12. Nine months and all of Russian army couldn't kill a single NATO soldier. The retreat was an easy decision because they didn't have to make it, Ukraine made it for them!!!!

  13. Of course they wouldn't. But the Ukraine military is not the US military.

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