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  1. This made me tear up. What a beautiful piece of work you made and what a perfect theme and choice of writing to include for someone escaping harm. Sir Terry always has the right words.

  2. Thank you so much. I hope it helps to bolster her strength so she can do what needs to be done.

  3. I BEG YOUR PARDON? My infant loves jumping on my back. He's great at fixing my spine so I can't feel anything any more!

  4. Sounds like my cat, who loves nothing better than to assist me with my exercise plan by climbing on me.

  5. It's exchanging labor for money as contracted, and not sticking around for the unpaid overtime or volunteering to wash the boss' car.

  6. There's a podcast called Some Place Under Neith that did a whole series about these channels and they highlighted some of the abusive practices of these channels and the parents who run them.

  7. Yes! That series is great but oof it's a hard listen sometimes. I had no idea about this stuff before listening to it and kinda wish I still didn't.

  8. I had heard of "family channels" before, but Natalie and Amber (mostly Natalie) did a great job of calling them out and basically shaming them. You can hear how disgusted she is when talking about this stuff.

  9. I do too. It's a great show. They cover really hard, important topics and clearly care a lot, but I would not want to be immersed in that kind of subject matter to the degree they would have to be to research it.

  10. I mean, you could knock out a big chunk of your holiday gift-giving this way. The Amazon gods say, get crafty!

  11. Oh good grief he's a controlling, hypocritical, animal-hating nightmare. You didn't "betray him," by wearing clothes, for heaven's sake. Please find a better man. Most men are better than this tool.

  12. Your boyfriend is an idiot. Tell this insecure tool to f*ck off into the sun and go find someone who's at least kind of an adult.

  13. As a guy who has asked female friends for nudes I still thank he's In the wrong and going about it in the wrong way and for the wrong reason.

  14. Your fiance doesn't have "nontraditional ideas". He's a conspiracy-addled idiot. Also he's a shouty asshole. You can do better.

  15. This statement is so bizarre (and so racist). What on earth makes you say this?

  16. Gobies are just the cutest. So glad he was just having some me-time!

  17. She's 6/10, but you're objectively ugly on the inside. She can do MUCH better.

  18. I believe it’s from when I called an avowed incel a dumbass, and he reported me from his fainting couch. If I’d known I’d be banned, I would have told him what I REALLY thought.

  19. Mine might have been an incel too; certainly I have gotten temporary bans for telling them off.

  20. I laugh a lot when I'm listening to Horror Virgin and Romancing the Pod. I'm not even much of a movie person, but they're all so funny and their chemistry is so great.

  21. What does he mean when he says "I trust you, I don't trust them"? That is a weird statement.

  22. Abortion is the deliberate killing of human fetus. Miscarriage is the spontaneous death, of the human fetus before it's viable to survive on it's own. One has deliberation, and the other is an unexpected event, which is a tragedy.

  23. No, that's your ideology. An abortion is the end of a pregnancy, full stop.

  24. You are in an abusive relationship. He knows exactly where your documents are (almost certainly in that safe only he knows the code for). He wants to keep you home and entirely under his control.

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