[Postgame Thread] LSU Defeats Alabama 32-31 (OT)

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  1. Lol you mean the guy who got blown out against Iowa and Purdue and then got blanked by Clemson? I'm not sure how I feel about Day but let's not pretend Urban was a flawless coach. This fanbase has a wierdly distant relationship with history.

  2. This was basically the reason I got a card...To avoid mold! I have been having tons of paranoia and anxiety as well, shit really sucks. I have heard from many people that mold is really only harmful if you are immunocompromised, I think it may be a case of lots of fear mongering in the community.

  3. Hayward doesn't have to promote it. the movie is literally preserved in the library of congress. yall don't have the same energy for that movie but got time to slander Kyrie

  4. You do realize there are "bad" documents in the library of congress right? it is a library to preserve human history, which means it includes negative and positive things.

  5. Yup, also noticed it cropping up into situations that aren't even health related.

  6. Not if you have morals. Breaking the law is Breaking the law. It's what separates us from the Scumbags

  7. If you think everyone who breaks any law is a scumbag you have a very warped perception

  8. So what laws do you think are okay to break then. I mean Jay walking seems pretty harmless right. But why was it made a law not to jaywalk? Say you jaywalk one day and cause an accident that Say kills a child sat in a babyseat in the back of the car. Or it kills the child's mother. Just because you didn't want to use the lights to cross. Is that a stupid law? What about speeding and killing someone. Is speeding laws stupid? Are environmental laws stupid. You seem to want to pick and choose which laws are okay. How would you feel if a burglar breaks into your place every night and takes what they need because they feel they have a right to your stuff. Laws are there to hold society together. Why should I go to target and work every day to buy groceries and watch someone else just walk in and help themselves? It's you with the warped perception.

  9. I never said it was "ok" to break any laws? I merely pointed out the obvious fact that calling EVERYONE who breaks ANY law a scumbag is ignorant.

  10. Tressel started the trend of destroying michigan by coming in to town and basically saying that was his entire goal. I feel like the obsession is what keeps the domination possible

  11. I've heard RSO is really good, iirc the guy who made it was going through a battle with cancer

  12. Anyone else confused as to how that PI was reviewed? Thought only 12 men was reviewable? I was on the phone so they may have explained and I missed it

  13. They were reviewing if the ball was tipped at the line, not the PI itself. A tip would nullify the PI. Granted, I wasn't really aware that a tip was reviewable.

  14. turnovers and capitalizing off them are the story of the game so far. Bengals two best drives have been ended by TO and they haven't done anything off the turnovers the defense has forced

  15. Dang thats awful. What gave it away? i'm sure its pretty obvious in person but its hard to tell from the pic.

  16. Even in person it wasn’t the easiest. I’ve dealt with mold bud before so I have an eye for it, but it almost ab be mistaken for trichomes. The inside of the other buds looked totally different so that’s how I verified. It almost had a fuzzy look in person

  17. Damn thats so annoying. I got a med card mainly to avoid having to worry about mold, pesticide contamination, bad flushes, etc. Clearly a problem at Klutch as i've seen so many posts lately.

  18. He is appealing to the American right wing. As crazy as it sounds there are people who will un-ironically eat this up

  19. I despise *ichigan as is in my blood lol, but I absolutely hate Clemson, omg.

  20. No, more so, "there are some members in my party who suck and oppose any war at any cost (even if its moral to wage said war) while 90% of the other party sucks and wants to strip funding from Ukraine". Annoying that this is being portrayed as "the progressive" wing of the party even when members of the caucus came out against it, very clearly wasn't a widely held left wing ideal to negotiate with russia and you can tell by the backlash.

  21. Please back up your claim that 90% of the other party want to strip funding from Ukraine.

  22. When the proposed speaker of the house says it, it kinda makes it party policy. Look at their recent history, they all fall in line besides the few who have a backbone.

  23. Ya, I think this is sort of the crux of why OCD is just never ending, even if you can distract yourself that residual stress/thought is still there under the surface, at least for me.

  24. Ah yes the best way to down them is to blow up the factory in Syria

  25. Wasn't the factory near the border with Lebanon in Syria though? I doubt they were shipping drones from there to Russia.

  26. If he was only referring to the incident where he pushed the fan out of the way who was recording him and seemed to be taunting him then maybe I understand this? Still seems like that was a bit uncalled for. But when you add in him hitting the woman that wasn't even paying attention to him it makes no sense, weird statement.

  27. Skip over their head and go to the department chair or similar person. Absolutely unacceptable for anyone "teaching" to be spreading this kind of harmful stuff. They don't even deserve the respect of you taking it up with them, seriously. I might be coming off as angry, because I am. Hate that this happened to you and hate that people don't understand.

  28. That study was based on dust in cities being at 1900s level and using ground detonation, instead of the airburst everyone uses. When I was still building nukes for the US, there was 0 plans to ever use a ground detonation, and the dust levels are significantly lower, completely changing the theory, making it impossible

  29. "fear mongering" isn't an accurate way to describe debate surrounding the effects of a potential nuclear exchange. This is something we should be scared of.

  30. Manufacturing capabilities, not technological capabilities

  31. Are all your electronics inside EMP proof packaging? Everyone who isn't directly next to a military installation/base would be essentially blind.

  32. Well in any case the point is she’s hyper feminist to a fault on the show.

  33. I experience moral OCD pretty much daily and am at most a doubtful agnostic and on really pessimistic days a hardcore atheist lol. I take a little solace in knowing that it existing disproves the whole "religion is necessary for morality" argument.

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