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  1. It’s “rented” in the sense that nasa pays for software, parts, and support for the suits. Space suits as a service.

  2. Yep no different than a lot of the military contracts. They buy the part, if it has issues you send it back to the one place that can fix it. However, I don’t think NASA will be gouged as bad as the military branches with contracting. Then again, you don’t really want the “best deal”, on something that needs to survive the environment of space and unknown terrain. “No expense spared”

  3. I like them and the mobility, I’m not sure they owe us the explanation of inner workings of the suit. That and not giving away any new or old information on it’s tech to other countries space programs even if we do pretend to work together most of the time. I hope things just stay on schedule for 2025 and we see progress overall in space exploration.

  4. Well I mean there’s probably a 50% change the initial Landing was very fabricated

  5. Isn’t that stuff worth a quite a bit? Meteorite/asteroid material that is?

  6. Bottom right corner is a bit tapered but other than that it’s pretty nice still.

  7. They shouldn’t even be called “ReLiCs” a quick google tells us these aren’t even close to what that is. Whatever happened to a nice patch, auto or RPA. Either Topps is getting cheap or players are saying no to all the “ hey will you put this on them take it off, hey can’t we get a piece of your bat, oh hey we’re gonna send you a bunch of stickers, will you sign them? “

  8. I think folks forget how hard it is to read a license plate even from 30-50 ft back with great eyesight. Not to mention a camera from inside a car and not even in the same lane along with a motorcycle plate being much smaller or possibly tucked under the rear wheel well.

  9. No oof, don’t act like you weren’t sweating bullets.

  10. They can’t help it. Took a bang bang to the Niner Brain. 31-7.

  11. Flyers still suck and Sixers could choke again this year. Sad face loading…

  12. Bigger guys with speed on defense. I know that’s harder to find. But we got dragged for a lot of extra yards this year on tackles.

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