Wiener Mobile Entering Zion-Mt Carmel Tunnel

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  1. I’ve been “away” the 2 times I was summoned. Then I complain about bullshit court systems and what not. I am not the change I want to see

  2. Here again to call out somebody who's posting their artwork. Awesome that you're so proud of yourself, but please take your artwork out of here.

  3. He did have an attraction to a woman and it was shown in the clone wars. No puttang tho

  4. The 1% contribute 50% of carbon into the atmosphere. Hello Bill Gates, we're looking at YOU.

  5. I’d argue that big oil and some other corporations are a lot worse. Some factories in America get away with dumping waste and not recording it. Multi millionaires are not the problem. The corporations with there lack of laws is the problem

  6. they aren’t the problem? what are you talking about? are you one of them?

  7. I wish I was. Although if I was a billionaire I’d be a lazy piece of shit and maybe dead because I’m retarded. Just like all you fools probably

  8. Well if more people saw the conditions that most large chicken farms keep their birds in, people might not be so surprised

  9. I’m genuinely curious, what law is this?

  10. Well from my understanding it’s usually illegal to film inside a private area without consent. Or something like that but here is a wiki article that explains it generally and will lead you to what I think you want if you have the time. Actually Having trouble posting the link because I’m on mobile or am dumb but look up “ag gag laws” and that will explain the clearly corrupt part of these laws. I was going to post a wiki article of it because it’s informative and general and leads you everywhere you need to see more facts about these seemingly criminal acts that large corporations seems to be using to keep the general public unhealthy and the ceos wealthy. The odd part is many definition of “ag gag” laws seem to focus on stopping whistleblowers and animal activists. Almost like they don’t care that people know as long as they are legally covered.(USA court system in a nutshell) and maybe other places as well

  11. What a brave man. Showing us all something we already know and will get nothing out of it

  12. I ain't about to get shot in a mall in FL. Florida is a whack ass place. Kids can't even read Catcher in the Rye in school no more.

  13. Just because there’s birth control and a dildo doesn’t mean it’s a girl. Sheesh

  14. If they brought survival back I wouldn’t have to grief and be stuck in the dumbass never ending pvp cycle that this game uses In adventure mode

  15. Staying in old San Juan right across from la Perla. Should I be worried! I’ve been to not the safest places before and am pretty good at being respectful but any tips would be great!

  16. Don’t take pictures or videos of La Perla without permission and don’t fuck around there if you aren’t ready to find out.

  17. What about the general area heading south into old San Juan? I don’t really plan on doing much at night

  18. Self inflicted my ass. Old San Juan is advertised as one of the safest cities in Puerto Rico. I wouldn’t know if I didnt see this and the building I’m staying in tomorrow is literally in this picture lol. And I did as much research I could without talking to someone who is a local there

  19. Put everything important in stashes and set your current base up as a makeshift trap base

  20. Okay so those are the shadows of the people squatting in your house. Time travelers or not you have a break in my friend

  21. How can I get them out? So far bleach and chlorine have been the only effective chemical

  22. Or maybe put one on the wall to the right in the video with a good view inside the door

  23. I’m not convinced but not In complete disbelief either. I would set more cameras inside and go somewhere for a couple weeks and see if you can get a grasp of who or what’s in your house

  24. I don’t really care much. The whole fake news dilemma has created a large mass of people who don’t believe anything they’re told by any form of media. All I can hope for is to see one myself!

  25. I think its a bug and doesn’t let you sometimes. Regularly I’ll build twig walls and go to demolish right away and it won’t let me. Other times it does work so makes me think this is a bug

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