1. Student midwife here in the US. I have always wanted to work in birth. I went to school for nursing and worked at a labor and delivery nurse. At a certain point I thought maybe I’d be happy working as a nurse only. I worked at 7 different hospitals, and it wasn’t u til I worked at a super high risk hospital with 0 midwives did I realize that was the type of birth and care that I adore.

  2. What job did you have in the birthing center? I’m trying to find jobs that don’t require a degree so I can get more exposure

  3. I was the birth assist, so a labor nurse just in the birth center setting.

  4. Yeah there are CNA positions in labor and delivery and I know that doesn’t require a degree but the jobs currently open are night shift and I won’t be able to do that. But I’ll keep looking. Thank you!

  5. I looked it up out of curiosity and research says otherwise. Links are below if you're curious.

  6. That's way too much emotion on display for an INTJ. I'd kill myself before I let anyone else see me looking vulnerable like that.

  7. So if you trust someone then I’m assuming you’d start to show your vulnerable side?

  8. I came across a video one time and it mentioned how highly empathetic people grew up around an unpredictable person in their life. So they always had to read that persons emotions and it groomed them into people that can pick up so easily on what other people are feeling. That resonated with me bc it was true for me. Don’t know if that applies to all empathetic ppl though

  9. Just address them by their MRN and you're covered my dude

  10. Patterns. I really love patterns. And trying to discover patterns of human behaviors always piqued my interest.

  11. I like patterns as well. In a way I like that I can put ppl in boxes based on their type. Makes it easier to understand and connect to people based on their thought processes (16 types) vs thousands of individuals

  12. Oouu I felt that one. I definitely love planning but hate executing. I was just thinking earlier about how if I could have a job where I just tell ppl the idea/plan and they can execute it, that’d be awesome.

  13. First, thank you for telling us. But. Do you really want to make your day and your friendship blossom and expand a million fold?...if so, don't tell us how thankful you are for that, tell them. Tell them how much you appreciate them. Let them know if it wasn't for them these things wouldn't have happened and how much you enjoy it and your time with them. I guarantee you their happiness and spirits will explode at hearing these things. We do what we do out of genuine care and concern for others and when it's recognized and appreciated and we see we are making a difference in someone's well being it fills us and makes us feel worth and value.

  14. She was really happy and said yeah she loves planning stuff and following through and now we planned two more things to do!! We literally balance/complement each other so well

  15. My brother is one and idk man he can be so pessimistic and stubborn sometimes. They can be really insensitive and dont care about things and it pisses me off.

  16. I wanna know what y’all say so I can see if I’m healthy or not 😁

  17. Oh I totally get that part, but people doing it to support their med application is what's odd to me.

  18. Agreed. But I think no one actually wants to do it. They just probably do it because they think it looks good and it’s what med schools want. I do think there’s other better experiences though

  19. Honestly, shadowing is such a weird thing to me. Someone who may or may not become a doctor in the future is following a doctor around for.....what? It's not medical skills or knowledge, you learn that in med school+residency, and they'd be nuts to let you do anything or see anything even remotely confidential. It doesn't seem like it proves much about you either, other than you want to be a doctor, buuut...they already know that from the fact you applied to medical school.

  20. I think shadowing is good for figuring out what you wanna do for your career. Like I was trying to decide between a couple of different health care jobs and shadowing came clutch bc I can go and see what they do and try and imagine myself in their position. But I don’t think it should be some type of requirement and that you have to get X amount of shadowing hours. It’s cool for exploring different careers though

  21. I guess you could call that a... brainwash.

  22. Probably a little bit of both. There are asshole surgeons AND unfortunately med students with zero self awareness, the two are not mutually exclusive. What you described sounds super extra though, and honestly crawling through anesthesia tubing (???) sounds just as dangerous/problematic as breaking sterile field lmao

  23. I was shadowing a CAA yesterday and the surgeon kicked me out when I wasn’t even anywhere near him 😃

  24. I also don’t like loud noise. Or seeing people in pain. Like that hurts a lot idk I feel like I feel what they’re feeling and it makes me cringe in a way. I also don’t like pain when I’m exercising. Like I can’t exert myself too much bc I hate feeling that burn. Idk I’m trying to think of other “pains” I mean I don’t like to feel any kind of pain

  25. I’m the “I trusted you” … too gullible and will believe that pouring water on the laptop would fix it

  26. Subhanallah I came across this ayah this week and thought the exact same thing

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