A man invades the pitch at the World Cup in Qatar with a shirt reading "Save Ukraine" and a rainbow flag during Portugal vs Uruguay

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On Black Friday 2008, 34 yr old Walmart employee, Jdimytai Damour, was asked by his employer to use his 6’5 body as a barrier for a crowd of over 2,000 people. He died that day after being trampled by the crowd. The shoppers did not concerned about his death, and even complained of waiting too long.

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Qatar Bans Beer Sales at World Cup Stadiums

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  • By - za19

  1. Message I’m projecting? I want to project the message that I’m too poor to afford decent clothing because everything in life is too expensive now. Get outta here.

  2. It’s either a quick death or getting chewed out for packages being 1 minute behind schedule.

  3. Ironically, I had a bunch of extra shit that somehow just disappeared from my record. I’ve still got a ruck, a few 2-quart canteens, wet weather bags, all of the sleeping bags, and other gear. I was very surprised when they cleared me and I still had a shopping cart full of equipment.

  4. Some federal jobs take a lot of time. Plus they could hold a job for you.

  5. My experience with applying for federal jobs is that the ones that want you will reach out to you quickly, the ones that truly need someone will take some time to sort through the best applicants, and most of the jobs will show your application is being reviewed for a year before the job gets cancelled.

  6. I was only in for 5 years, so no where near the possible retirement point. But, man, I lost friends at home quicker once I was out than when I was in. My coworkers are closer friends to me than the people I was friends with growing up. It’s all just a part of life, eventually realizing who is going to help push you forward and who is dragging you back. I remember feeling bad about not texting some friends back years ago, but now I see it was better for me to just move on with making myself better without them. You need to do what’s right for you to succeed, and sometimes that can mean letting go of people you care about, simply because they’re dragging you behind still. It’s rough, but it has to happen sometimes.

  7. That's the life insurance policy in the military. Die on active duty, your beneficiary/ies get $400k.

  8. Was gonna say the same thing. Split that 3 ways in my family when setting up this and my blue book before Afghanistan.

  9. Damn, I’ve experienced something similar and still think about it over 10 years later.

  10. I was taken out for wings with her best friend's husband and another of her guy friends - we hung out quite a bit. They knew I was clueless to what was happening but they liked me :) I was told straight out by both of those dudes. Solid move by them - it sucked hard to hear but after a bit of time I really appreciated that they felt I was enough of a friend to let me know. It's been a few years since I've seen or talked to either of them. Good people those two guys are.

  11. Uh. I don't know what to tell you - if my weapon didn't pass the armorer's inspection, I sat back down and went back to cleaning.

  12. The ole basic wipe down followed by vigorously cleaning the star chamber. Hand it to the armorer which does a most basic check of the rifle followed by a big pinky fuck of the star chamber. Pass the pinky fuck test and your rifle will be accepted by the man in the sky.

  13. Mate, I’m 30 years old a current drafter looking at going for an engineering route. How’d your story turn out?

  14. Honestly I’ve had this thought with school shooters. Go down with people hating your guys for shooting kids, or have people thinking of you as a good person for shooting the person in charge of national rent increases.

  15. I’m 30, have a graduate degree & work full time. My childhood house is valued at 4x the price it was when my parents bought it a few decades ago. If I can’t afford a house, why would I ever want to have a child I can neither afford nor provide solid housing for?

  16. Native american women can take the whole stock for free?

  17. Curious about this as well. I’m a white guy, my gf is Mexican but her 23&me test shows she’s majorly Native American. Soooooo she walks up and gets us both a cupcake for free?

  18. Not an engineer, but every garage slab I’ve seen in West Coast residential construction has been 4”, unless there were seismic considerations or unusual design. I’ve seen both single slab and two slabs.

  19. Ironically, the design I’m working on is a redesign of a West Coast house. I use AutoCAD for work and we luckily have a seismic considerations website we use, I’ll have to check out my site address at work tomorrow.

  20. I’m honestly surprised it took this long for the verbal confirmation.

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