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  1. If you reconnect with her then be prepared eventually for more heartache. Maybe not right away but eventually. She is down, she wants your validation and support. You said yourself the divorce wrecked you and you are now dreaming about her. Personally I think communicating with her is a bad idea and will just cause you further pain.

  2. Right, I am going to put this back in the box. I must be out of mind and only remembering the good times. Get back to focusing on myself.

  3. I wish you the best of luck man, focus on yourself, making yourself a better man for you. A better dad for your kids. You got this.

  4. The guy admitted to assaulting her. Then a mutual friend whose never lied to me before saw her get assaulted again.

  5. Ok. Sorry to hear that. Hopefully she gets her life turned around. Hopefully you go NC.

  6. I’ve been NC for seven months. Even when I try my best to avoid her, news of her dysfunction finds it’s way back to me. She has a really bad reputation at my school.

  7. “Dexter doesn’t like you and told me not to share any personal Dexter information with you. I am sure you can understand my desire to respect my dog’s wishes.”

  8. I had a photographer do this to me when I was traveling. He happened to capture a cool shot of me in front of a temple with an umbrella that matched. He came up and showed me, asked if it was ok and then sent me a copy. I appreciated it.

  9. I’ve done street photography a few times (not on this level). But several times I have taken pictures of street artists, buskers, performers and shown them the pics. In every single case (about 15), except one, the subject said they really liked it and asked if I would send the pics to them. The one exception was a really elderly guy singing, he thanked me and said he liked the pics but he didn’t have a smart phone or email address.

  10. Metformin was added due to high glucose level. I already take Test 200mg a week and HCG 500 a week.

  11. When they are this age, everything can be an adventure for them. I would take mine with me wherever and whenever I could. Whether it was grocery shopping or to the park. Running errands, shopping I would go on the task knowing it was going to take me longer to get the errand or shopping done. But I would make it a point to involve them in the task, teach age appropriate stuff. They loved it and they still enjoy shopping with me now that they are older. Also, if they have a low tolerance for new activities, make the first few trips ones where you only need to pick up 2-3 items. Then the next few trips, 4-6 items and so on. To help them grow accustomed and also allows you to set expectations with them. To teach them appropriate behavior, etc.

  12. I was driving out in the middle of nowhere in a Midwest state and a Gen 4 passed me going the other way. The owner full waved, I waved back. I enjoyed it and would wave again.

  13. Life sucks. Kids can be little shits. They learn to manipulate. From who? I don’t know. I can give an educated guess as to who from.

  14. Nah. They break the neck off of the bottle on the bar top and drink straight from the jagged remains. Fun fact: glass contains more fiber than whole wheat.

  15. You probably didn't contract an STI (sexually transmitted infection is what they're called now) from using the same dildo. Most infection-causing organisms only survive for up to 4 hours outside the body.

  16. You are so awesome! I am sorry you had to experience that but I am glad you took that opportunity to educate yourself and now teach others. 🤗

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