1. If you're using closed captioning and someone talking off screen isn't loud enough for it to auto caption, and it's important to your bit...

  2. If y'all think these people in charge give one iota about you, I have beach front property for sell in Arizona

  3. Yeah well I’ll keep voting for the party which isn’t actively trying to kill us I guess. Call me crazy

  4. They're both fighting for what's best for their pocketbooks while ensuring the other side doesn't "win".

  5. Yes. I was OTF about having kids and was in childfree for awhile and it was just... offputting. Its like they dont see children or their parents as people. I remember a huge thing where they said children and babies should never get on planes until they can behave and their parents should just not vacation until then.. but like 1) they can't learn whats expected if they never do it and 2) people dont only fly because they are "going on vacation". I've flown with my kid 2 or 3 times and it was never fun and I was not going anywhere fun and the alternative was driving 70 hours.

  6. I was told I wasnt "real childfree" because I'm not opposed to dating a single parent.

  7. Some woman are probably childfree cause they don’t want to be pregnant. Which, 1000% understand. Pregnancy and birth sounds awful and is one of the reasons I don’t really want kids.

  8. I don't want children because I don't want to be pregnant. They're always sticky, they smell weird, needy, highly dependant, and, if they become serial killers, it'll always be blamed on me.

  9. TAKE 👏 UP 👏 THE 👏 SPACE 👏

  10. Offer to let someone work in? Either way, you have just as much rights to be there as the next person so take it!

  11. No need to be so combative in your response. This person is expressing a frustration with a device that is not working properly, a frustration all people with diabetes have. Why do you have to come in and immediately blame this person for the malfunction? You don’t know enough about the situation to make that judgment.

  12. I've had this glitch. Both the radio and the trader. It randomly resolved itself after a few games. i uninstalled and reinstalled, that didn't seem to help. But like i said, randomly it started working again.

  13. I haven’t encountered this problem with the mobile game base version but I seem to find people talking about the same glitch online with steam version back in 2017 with DLCs active and a specific version. Not sure if any of that helps with mobile though:

  14. I'd never seen anything more patriotic than when my state went to constitutional carry on the 4th of July

  15. I was parked downtown, but had not put my new sticker on (it was in the glove box). I tried appealing because it was registered, but they still said no. Another $100 to the fort.

  16. This exact situation happened to me. Hadn't received the sticker, proved that I was up to date. They stated running plates "isn't our job" in an email and I had to pay $250 after running inside the library (I had also paid at the meter for a full hour even though I knew I would be in and out). Furious doesn't cover it.

  17. Would it be illegal for you to drive in one of those states without your diabetes being declared, out of interest? I don't really understand the American licensing system at all to be honest

  18. That seems a little bizarre - so because you don't live somewhere you don't have to abide by their laws?

  19. Yes, you’re right, as clearly implied. What’s your point? Am I not allowed to be here?

  20. My point is, you don't get to dismiss us and our lived experiences. You don't get to talk down to us.

  21. I’m sorry.. I had my experiences in mind, it was out of a perceived shared emotional experience that I posted. I wasn’t meaning to talk down to anyone or berate anyone. I apologize and I’ll leave now.

  22. I'm working on finding G rated replacements for phrases I commonly use. I will be using "fritter away" in place of "piss away" going forward. Thank you very much

  23. I read this book but I didn't see anywhere in there her "questioning the foundation of her population-controlled society"

  24. If it was really a big concern wouldn’t you just keep it in your house?

  25. I tried with mine but when he goes about destroying the house, making life hell for the other cats, making life hell for the other humans, you just decide a few hours outside in the woods is worth the savings in sanity.

  26. Your child isn't an advertisement for your fandom. Poor kid will have to live with that name for the next 80 years.

  27. It's a joke because that's not even what the person named the kid after.

  28. I’m using Busuu as well as Duolingo and Busuu uses Tomar for everything food and drink related. Busuu is more a Spain Spanish whereas I selected Latin American Spanish for Duolingo. I wonder if that is part of the issue. I agree it’s very confusing.

  29. I selected Latin American Spanish for duo too. It's the only Spanish app I'm currently using.

  30. You say tonemos, dúo says tomamos, Let’s call the whole thing off!

  31. If it hadn't just renewed my super subscription, I would completely cancel the whole thing.

  32. Haven't bothered to try. I have tried three other suction/air pulse/wossnames and all were meh

  33. It's a special sugar cookie that has cinnamon and cream of tartar to give it a special kick and then rolled in cinnamon sugar before baking

  34. I have actually only ever primed with .5 unit sooo it's up to you but just making sure there is no air.

  35. I've never primed a single needle a day in my time as a type 1, but ymmv

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