1. Hard to tell from the video, but could just be a dead battery.

  2. Try pulling a vaccum hose and spraying some gasoline in. If it starts, it's a fuel issue, if it doesn't, no spark. Next try plugging something into the OBD2 port and see if you get signal you can achieve the same effect be seeing if the check engine light is on when the key is on but engine is off. But if it doesn't come on it could also just he burned out. If it's a fuel issue test fuel pressure after cycling the key a few times, if it's a spark issue make sure you're getting RPM signal while cranking. If it goes beyond that I'd talk to a professional, that's called a crank no-start failure officially

  3. If you're in west Texas DM me I know quite a few sn/new edge guys around here.

  4. Are you in west Texas streets? We have a few SA guys in the Facebook group chat. Can't remember if any of them are new edge guys though.

  5. Honestly Metric makes more sense and is a lot more common throughout the world but it just doesn’t make sense to change our default measurement system to it. We’ve been measuring using this system for so long it would be impossible to change everything.

  6. The UK is dual system and they're utter chaos.wirse still because they have British and American versions of many customary units.

  7. I always wear my seatbelt when driving, but there are times it's not practical (e.g. backing up some trailers in complicated areas).

  8. That's just a skill thing at that point. I won't boast though.

  9. I'm pretty good, but it's actually the small trailers that are harder. You can't see them behind the vehicle. My stand up jet ski requires me to shuffle around more, but my boat isn't an issue.

  10. I never have either. Jut tow mirrors if that. Up until last year. Helps a lot less than you might think. There are tricks you can use like readjusting your mirrors a certain way for backing in a small trailer, I personally just have the eight kind of innate awareness that I can still sense it there.

  11. That's a design feature. The concerning part is how crooked they are. These look like pads that are delaminating from corrosion and needed replacement months ago. But not due to the presence of that center split.

  12. Not to split hairs, but I think the shop might be talking about the crack to the left of the center groove in the top pad in the pic. I think OP might have misunderstood what they meant by splitting.

  13. I'm in west Texas. We have bare frames from the 70s that you can still hook a fully loaded gooseneck to without worry.

  14. I wouldn't buy something that big with a CVT period, much less for that much, but that's just my personal deal.

  15. That's 50-60 MPH for the US. our slowest highways go 55, we have some with speed limits of about 85 MPH which is 135ish KPH. These things are happiest below 60 MPH in terms of economy.

  16. I’ve never seen a technique with an axe that is effective at all. But yeah, halligan is the way to go.

  17. It's on a car where the door is likely made of carbon fiber or fiberglass, not steel or aluminum. I can tell you from similar experience that axes are very effective against fiber/resin combos like this.

  18. Same, might buy a gaming phone/another brand next time tbh

  19. I'm gonna get me a rugged phone with some gaming-like features next that I know will deal with updates for years. They have some out now that are better than brand new flagship phones, and they have some hardcore gaming phones that wipe the floor with flagship options.

  20. Lmao yeah still haven’t bought a new phone :)

  21. Same. I'm waiting for the s20 I have to become nigh unusable. I'm still making payments because I bought it right before the s22 released.

  22. No, they won't. If you compare the C-pillar panel of a '94-'98 to that of a '99-'04, they are slightly different at the bottom rear of the window area. It's hard for me to describe in words, but if you pull up a picture of each side-by-side, you'll be able to see it. It's really just in how much the C-pillar "swoops" down.

  23. I wonder if it would fit and I could just trim the edges slightly or put some black wrap or paint to fill the gaps? I love louvers because they look pretty good but they're also quite practical.

  24. But i still want to be able to see over my shoulder.

  25. Not sure why you're getting downvoted, that's hands down the best response this guy has gotten.

  26. He's using duralast boots on motorcraft coils pretty sure

  27. We talking like 4.2 swap, power adders, suspension, what?

  28. Coil pack , cold air intake , ss performance touring springs , it’s nothing impressive at all . I’ve just taken great care of the car , and have put a lot of work into it. Plus it has a lot of appearance mods

  29. Fun fact: for the mustangs literally every brand of coil packs is worse than an original motorcraft number.

  30. We're talking about the ones that flash when you step on the brakes?

  31. Pretty sure that's actually against the law. They're only supposed to flash for hazards.

  32. Can't wait until mine is running and I'm getting spotted again

  33. Drilled rotors and semi ceramic pads. I did notice a big difference before with the oem I could do burn out now I can't it just stalls

  34. Put a line-lock kit on it and you can lock down just the front brakes, burnouts for days.

  35. Just post a picture of your engine, it's quite easy to tell, they're extremely different looking engines.

  36. I want to say the pw464 is the one use want. the 99-01 is different from the 01-04 model.

  37. Electric water pumps really don't work near as well as mechanical pumps. They're fine at idle and cruise, but if you start romping on it on the street, you can overpower the electric pump pretty bad. Upside though is that you can really help with belt wrap on a blower with one.

  38. Don't buy an rx-8. Buy literally any car that doesn't come with a rotary.

  39. The biggest pain in the ass is dropping the tank and cleaning it.

  40. They're required to drain them and poking a hole is the easiest way.

  41. I was thinking of this or some fiberglass and resin but I'm not sure how it will hold up with a solvent.

  42. Horribly, and you'll end up putting resin through your engine.

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