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  1. Free to eat my own ass without government involvement. That's real freedom.

  2. "Irak" is how the French spell the name of the country, it's perfectly acceptable. Though the "q" in "Iraq" is not pronounced the same as "k" would be in English or in French. It's a lingual-glottal as opposed to a (lingual-palatal? Think that's the right term anyway). Tongue touching the back of the mouth rather than the top. There's a separate "g" sound to accompany that "q" sound, also from the tongue contacting way further back in the mouth. It makes transliteration between Arabic and English a bit more consistent phonetically, even if people don't (or can't) use the Arabic pronunciation.

  3. You look like if Mr. Clean did not wax his entire head.

  4. E# is the 7th in F# major. Can't have F in there because there's already an F. Only get one of each letter per scale construction standards. Obviously there are exceptions, but for the majors and minors and their modes in european music theory, this is the case. Clearly ridiculous, but it helps a lot with notation and readability on the staff having one scale degree per division.

  5. Play with a crt filter if you don't have a crt tv, it makes a pretty big difference in the visuals.

  6. Gotta blame that one guy who came just fast enough to not get eaten by a sabertooth tiger, I guess.

  7. Wait so he's delusional and self-obsessed? How could we have seen this coming? /s

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