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  1. Almost every pokemon in the league has a move to 0HKO so no chance.

  2. Haha I knew something was janky there that I wasn’t figuring out! Thanks, I’m going to change the gums if I do anything else with it! I might fuck that up on most of my drawings and not realize it!

  3. Haha no the drawing is cool! I was joking in reference to another post on this subreddit where some dude pinned his gums black hahah. You might not have seen it :p good work

  4. Usually when people have had it for ages.. it’s real and probably bought at like Walmart or GameStop or whatever :) does not look an emulator or a fake cart👍🏼

  5. So what happened was he attended an event where he got way too wasted and went home with her. She robbed him and left him outside the hotel for hours until police arrived .. he got all violent and like.. I guess punched the cop? But missed and they pepper sprayed him and told him to “return to monke” as they laugh and walk away. Crazy weekend.. can’t believe you haven’t heard

  6. Maybe for about 12 seconds during the bridge of El Scorcho. Otherwise, not so much.

  7. Look... when Pinkerton grows up and moves out of the house, it can be whatever it wants. Until then, it's my house, my rules.

  8. it's too early in the day and too late into the century for people to be writing stuff this ridiculous. You ain't smashing for the culture bruh. 🙄

  9. R1 R2 L1 L2 left down right up x2 I still remember the weapons cheat 😂

  10. I could unfortunately only choose one country for each pokemon but if that wasn't the case many other pokemon would live in Malaysia! Just for fun here are some more pokemon I think would live there!

  11. Yes, it's pretty funny, but I hate to correct you: ghosts do indeed exist. They're just harder for some to see than others. :)

  12. True. True. I only see them in between trips to the pharmacy anymore 😭 (I’m just being a jerk. Kidding)

  13. Oh haha. I didn't even pay attention to that tbh.

  14. It's good to get opinions from a group when there is virtually consensus, but too often that isn't the case.

  15. Well here I am :D I personally wouldn’t be seen wearing it.. but others might think it’s cool..

  16. Being a snarky “leftist” is a turn off for most sane people. (No I’m not “rightist”)

  17. I’m not that into “politics…” even though what you’re referring to probably isn’t even “politics”

  18. I feel bad for her, and want to stick up. She clearly sufferers from severe trauma and mental illness… you never know what is going through people minds.. she deserves the same help we all would if we were in trouble

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