What a mess… (girly noises warning)

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  1. Mine was crying in the rain.... yelled "I hate you!" then walked out and slammed the door.

  2. She probably has mood swings due to the built up annoyus and maybe even losing feelings or she just is having a bad time at work or sleep deprived... Try and talk about it if she doesn't except talking about I would just dip

  3. I mean, someone fondled my ass at a urina last time I was in a club.

  4. the considerable amount of spelling and grammatical errors in that meme is simply unpure.

  5. actual cream or, actual... cream?

  6. Talk to your parents about what happened and that you deleted them. They need to know for safeguarding purposes. Good luck kid.

  7. Your post/comment wasn't femboy related, and thus removed

  8. so brave :0 i kinda wanted to wear a dress to my prom lol

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