1. I just click on that same box and put in codes and it usually works. Sometimes I might have to just rejoin tho.

  2. I'm convinced that "minding your own business" does not apply to them. They're the ones who should end their lives since we won't and will never stop showering our love to lolis. (especially nahida cūnny waifu)

  3. Do you seriously not know what the difference between fiction and reality is or are you just playing stupid?

  4. It looks really good but it's RELL so I stopped getting my hopes up a long time qgo

  5. Your first thought when finding out your son has been killed is picking up a phone, positioning it to get the best angle, and hitting "start recording?" Seems a bit suspicious to me.

  6. So does it not exist or are they an organized group of armchair socialists? Are they insidious individuals who gang up on people and cause harm or are they weak and ineffectual?

  7. It's not that we're fascists it's just that we hate antifa. They're not good people in any way, shape or form either.

  8. That’s a bad telling of the story, he got attacked by antifa when he was an independent journalist and when he spoke out they doxxed and harassed him for more than 3 years straight, they got him fired from every job, his family was getting harassed as well. It’s quite sad. He absolutely went over the top but the joker thing is all he could do anymore to send a message to people. There’s clips of his mother calling him mid stream to tell him that she was being harassed again. He got arrested on felony gun possession charges a while ago but he’s out of prison now. He’s a fucked up guy now but he’s absolutely not evil or deserved any of what happened

  9. Pretty clear the joke was that he saw that the cleaning lady was cleaning a stall and he went in there to pee. I don't know why you guys are so negative but I guess it's just a reddit moment lmao

  10. Well, I was curious. It wasn't a joke really, because I didn't know where the cleaning lady was.

  11. Reddit users are extremely bipolar apparently, they'll watch a video of a guy crying and commiting suicide and tell jokes about it, then turn around and look at something completely harmless and grab their torches and pitchforks Lmao

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