1. Absolutely, the cravings for me lasted about 3 days, before they decreased SUBSTANTIALLY, i also switched to a 0 percent vape and it’s helped a lot with the habit, almost tricking my brain into thinking I’ve got a hit. I’m on day 12 now and I’ll only have 1 minor craving a day, if any at all. You got this bro.

  2. Nicotine free vapes certainly helped me when I was quitting, I used that for a few weeks to help with the habit while simultaneously staying free from nicotine, once the cravings died down (trust me they will) all that was left was the habit of using a vape, which was quite easy to kick!

  3. South Park, SpongeBob, Family Guy and Doctor Who

  4. Trim/shape up your beard, shave your head bald, start hitting the gym and eating healthy. It’ll do wonders my man.

  5. I'm letting the beard go a little bit longer based on my barbers advice. I'm definitely going bald, you're one of several who have said that so 🤷 besides, it's just hair. Gym is on my list ✌️

  6. You got potential to be a proper silver fox, here I think you dropped this..👑

  7. Got a friend who tells everyone he’s a Dandenong boy, despite live in the Dandenong ranges.

  8. Been working in Dandenong for the last 3 years, a little rough but most people I come across are friendly and cool, as long as you treat them well and not look down on them.

  9. The china problem, Indiana jones getting raped just wasn’t particularly funny and ended up being really disturbing.

  10. INFJs are not super charismatic, they are more adorably awkward

  11. Shut the fuck up, this isn’t a roleplay subreddit.

  12. Your description of Arthur and the photo do not match up. He looks like a Maniac in this photo, you know that right?

  13. I am simply an animate body and nothing more

  14. I don’t get it either. I’m American and I feel like it’s easy to hear the difference between Brit and Aussies accent. Now NZ and Aussie I have trouble with.

  15. Yeah it’s mostly the same, however they way kiwi’s pronounce the letter “i” is quite distinct, it ends up more sounding like a “u”

  16. Can I ask, what website is this? I see it all the time but I have no idea what it’s called.

  17. I had a very similar experience, hopped off the game in 2011 when I was 9, and jumped back into it in 2021 now at 19 years of age, I watched some YouTube videos on how to set your deck properly and gear guides! My fire wizard that I had made in 2011 is now a maxed 140 wizard with dragoon gear!!

  18. That’s exactly what I’m doing! Guides are so helpful lol there is so much I still don’t know

  19. You’ll get there man! If you ever wanna play together I’d be more than happy to!

  20. ur sister is probably so cool and funny and pretty and the owner of a huge fat apathetic cat

  21. Happy birthday. This is an awesome gift. Just wondering… What other stuff is in the book?

  22. Hey, she added things that I like, she added photos of my favourite scenes and quotes from the office, same thing with doctor who, she added photos of our cats and my favourite fighters in the UFC, there’s also a section of “my life through photos” which are photos of me starting from when I was a baby, to me progressing and getting older till here I am now at 19!

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