2. Could you please delete Agility tutorial day from Asylum Volume 2

  3. Did u found it? I can share it bro

  4. No I haven't found it. I would appreciate it if you could share it though!


  6. Lmao i don't get the obsession for a big chest

  7. I'm sure you didn't tried all the P90X3 videos, the workout has a lot of calendars to do

  8. This an ad? Idc what dumbass programs this dude has made. Dudes core looks like garbage for advertising an entire program on it lmao

  9. A natty trainer has realistics expectations in their programs, and more success in body changes, that's why i wrote his workouts

  10. How old is this guy? His physique is akin to someone in their late forties or 50s. Older people who work out tend to have this physique where the skin looks saggy.

  11. You didn’t find any English version of those?

  12. Which work in particular is this? I can't seem to find it on the nuke code site.


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