Going to have to put my best friend to sleep tomorrow((15). I love my boy as much as anything. His brother has been trying to help keep his spirits up, but his kidneys are failing. Lost my GSD (12) 6 months ago and this is really hard. Wanted to share his greatness

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  1. Holy fuck. Someone report this POS. Obviously getting off on this.

  2. he’s been reported multiple times. nothing will be done unfortunately

  3. are the mods just going to continue to ignore the obvious necrophile and let him post

  4. Apparently getting punched in the tit hurts around a kick in the balls

  5. as someone w tits, it doesn’t hurt that bad to be punched 😭 i don’t have balls but id imagine balls is worse

  6. what a cutie boy!! i can tell you gave him 15 years of happiness and love❤️ remember he will never be in pain again :)

  7. the ONLY reason i wish he was alive was to expose the rest of his nasty friends who deserve to rot alongside him

  8. this is not eyeblech, go post this in a hunting sub or something

  9. aren’t the people who did it free too?

  10. yes they got out of prison very early and are living outside again for many years driving expensive cars pretending nothing happened, that's what I know of..

  11. i got mine out when i was 18, it hurt to even drink water 😭

  12. Wow! How is it possible that a person who can use guns properly is able to outshoot a person who can't use guns! Really weird!

  13. the point went entirely over your head and u still got upvotes 😭 they were obviously saying they know WOMEN who can outshoot men because the previous comment said she couldn’t figure the gun out because she’s a WOMAN. clearly any trained shooter no matter the gender could out shoot someone who doesn’t know how to?

  14. Wow read more about this and his wife deserves quite a bit of the blame as well.

  15. not sure that warrants blame for murder she had nothing to do with lmao

  16. The skin pops & bubbles as it burns. It’s fun. The smell reminds me of how most people feel about the smell of gasoline. And who doesn’t love a little foot tataki once in a while

  17. so you like the smell of burning skin?

  18. You know there’s gonna be that one idiot jerking off to this 💀

  19. those eyes!🥹🤍 can never resist doxie eyes

  20. They stabbed him in the eye so it went straight into his brain. They repeatedly stabbed him in the stomach with a god damned screwdriver, not a knife. If you read about the victim as well it makes it even worse.

  21. reading shit like this and knowing what they did enrages me. i hope they painfully rot in somewhere worse than hell

  22. They made him do a photo shoot with the remains?

  23. “here now hold her head up so we can get a good shot”

  24. god forbid your child ends up like this. insensitive as hell

  25. one of this subs rules is no gory posts ab children and this is literally a child

  26. Fuuuuuuck dude! How did they land for their ankle to fucking snap and skin to break? How high up were they???

  27. i broke my ankle like this just from running and basically rolling my ankle with my full weight on it (in 5th grade) so i think if it’s enough force that it can snap like that

  28. Did the same thing same grade. My teacher just gave me a wheelchair for a day or so lol. Not sure if I broke or sprained it, never saw a Dr.

  29. lmao my teacher offered for me to go in the elevator but i took the stairs and mine was broken 😭

  30. Highway brick mom. Basically mother gets hit by a brick while the son is driving and dies. The thing is basically audio only but the despair and distress in the voice of son is still sending shivers down my spine as i’m typing this.

  31. i thought it was the husband driving and their child was in the backseat?

  32. poor baby! my neighbors unfortunately have pitbulls that they abuse so they are very aggressive. one of them attacked both my weenies & other dogs (i have been to court with this neighbor and reported them several times to animal control and to the police but nothing has been done)

  33. i got mine out when i was 18 and that shit hurt like hell i couldn’t even drink water without it stinging 😭

  34. You think the Hotel would ultimately get sued or the company who made the statue?

  35. think it depends on who installed the statue

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