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  1. DON’T YOU SAY THAT!! If this is a joke, it’s a cruel sock joke!

  2. I think you've got the wrong idea, Bazel is like a top 5 monster for me in terms of visuals, personality, and ecological niche, I just don't think he's particularly difficult. If it makes you feel any better I think Rajang and Deviljho are equally over hyped by the game/community and not that difficult. I still love the fights, they are some of the best designed, but I feel safer fighting them than the likes of Gore Magala or Seregios, much less an actual Elder Dragon. You're right that Seething Bazel is more tricky, but I still feel like he just falls over too easily.

  3. I just don’t understand how someone can love and respect a monster and yet insult it by calling it a punching bag. It just doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

  4. You realize monsters don't have to be hard to be good right? In my opinion it's usually not correlated that way. Most hard monsters in the series are loathsome and annoying, take Kushala Daora from World for example. I respect the Bazel fight because it's a lot of fun and it's engaging, even if he's on the easier side.

  5. Personally the literally only monster(s) I don’t respect and loathe is the Congala and it’s variant/subspecies. Whatever the Emerald Congala is. Anyways, I know monsters don’t necessarily have to be hard to be good fights, but still.

  6. Genius! Gus the master prankster comes through again!

  7. Oh, poor Marcy! She should confess her to them both. They can make it work, I know it in my heart! Marcy’s too cute to be denied happiness. Especially on the first page and in the top panel of the fourth page.

  8. Ikr? her cuteness is always off the charts

  9. I hope Anne and Sasha felt a sad Marcy related disturbance the moment their Mar-Mar started crying. They’d investigate and comfort their cute marbles.

  10. Holy mental gymnastics. Joel didn’t kill the fireflies out of vengeance either, he did it to save Ellie. Those people’s loved ones won’t care just like Abby didn’t.

  11. Joel did… what he had… to do! Just like what Ellie did! It was for survival! What other choice did they have?!

  12. The point is that Ellie not killing Abby after shamelessly slaughtering hundreds is contrived and stupid.

  13. You don’t get it! Deciding when enough is enough, that is the only way to stop the cycle of vengeance and needless death!

  14. How have you been on the internet this long and don’t know what Among Us is lol

  15. She certainly belongs more on the boiling than on earth but I don’t think she’s fully made that decision yet. She still has her mom back on earth (and she’s a teenager). I don’t think she’s ready to move across worlds permanently yet

  16. Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking too. But Luz may decide to live on the Boiling Isles. I know in the end whatever Luz decides, Camilla will support her like any mother would.

  17. Any GOOD mother. I think we all know odalia well enough to know that she wouldn't support amity in anything she wanted to do

  18. Right, any good mother. Right that’s what I meant.

  19. Master Rank or High Rank? Master Rank Kushala Daora in World Iceborne is WAY too OP!

  20. If you want to fight kushala in MHW as a melee, you really need to have the kushala set bonus. Otherwise it's recommended to fight it as ranged.

  21. I had no trouble fighting Kushala Daora melee style in high rank. But Master Rank is another story entirely. Luckily thanks to Capcom collaborating with the people who made Horizon Zero Dawn Frozen Wilds, The Aloy Shield Weaver armor and Adept Stormslinger were just what I needed to beat it. Having that Rocksteady Mantle was a big help too.

  22. Max out your base defenses! Trust me, your gonna need to! Maxing out your vitality is good, it’s really good so keep that.

  23. I love that flying car. It’s my favorite vehicle in the game. One time when I was driving one my favorite radio song in the game “Echame La Culpa” was playing and Dani was singing to it just cruising in the air. It was awesome!… Oh and it also has that grenade launcher.

  24. Some Elder Dragons come close, but I’d say Galleus’ claims of Valstrax are true. There are still monsters more powerful than it though.

  25. It’s a shame she couldn’t be a better mother. I had hoped she could change to be a better person and an even better mother. It’s a… it’s a real shame…😔😔😔

  26. She could have been a better mother and a better person after Alador convinced her to hold up her end of the deal she made with her daughter… what a waste.😞

  27. I do think it'll be a more intense Malzeno that has essentially replaced Gaismagorm as the lord of the Quri due to Gais' death, and he can get a fiery demon mode similar to Gais' final phase.

  28. Some people said the same thing about Espinas and Gore Magala making it into Sunbreak when they saw a leaked loading screen pic. Yet, here we are.

  29. He has leafy lungs and a Venus flytrap inside. No wonder he and Willow are perfect together!

  30. Hunter’s one with nature, he and Willow were made for each other… and in Hunter’s case, I mean that both literally and figuratively.

  31. Luz undergoes sweet potatosythesis, Amity undergoes tomatosythesis. They're plants, either way.

  32. So very true… by the way, I think you forgot an “n” between the “y” and “t” of both sweet potatosynthesis and tomatosynthesis.

  33. I'll take anything that lets me see more hugs between them!

  34. It could be a different kind of milk, like almond or soy which I drink as I am lactose intolerant

  35. I love how Azura has two separate eye colors. I always thought that was really cool.

  36. well I mean you could become a dictator and have no responcability bc everybody is to scared to fight you

  37. I mean we can’t have another person like Belos.

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