1. Iayze at the top autumn ain’t even known like that

  2. Guy is spitting realer bars than Kanye ever has. Imagine using your platform to double down on gassing entire ethnicities and religions

  3. Just say your white and don’t like black people whole comment section filled wit angry white people (I’m white myself )

  4. I can tell y’all from tik tok bro 🤣 if what u tell me doesn’t matter it’s just obvious

  5. Ur in your moms basement hating let it sink in

  6. Y’all really saying this don’t sound like carti🤣

  7. Some random shit uzi made up, he and carti rocked this in 2016 and 2017 at some point too

  8. Uzi did back then too before carti get yo shit straight

  9. Jackin he a snitch but u in his reddit u a fan

  10. No it’s not 🤣 his best music has been from recently u just miss the relationship u loser

  11. Tf u listenting yo off way2geeked that album was Awful

  12. Dm me if u need someone to talk to I used to struggle wit that weird shit 2

  13. There is no way rn I’m about to look this up

  14. Dropped 1 hit song and a ep full of mostly grails go listen to someone else lil bro

  15. Fans forced him to drop it and its a hit go get ya dic wet

  16. It’s a personal opinion to me, but uzi is a Philly nigga at heart. He literally pulled up to the hood that I live in and chilled with a local rapper and took pictures with everybody that asked for one.

  17. The fact that he wasn’t like this when was 16-18 is the entire point.

  18. Are u stupid Uzis from there and has a history in 1600 stop and what do pronouns gotta do wit beating yo ass

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