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  1. Force restart your phone by: press and release volume up button and press release volume down button, and press and hold the power button. If you see the apple logo release your finger.

  2. cuz some people said its invert but even when its off it still does it, restarted and its stuck as well as low battery mode being blue

  3. classic/smart invert might be turned on?

  4. I’m gonna be honest it looks pretty decent, looks like a crossover of a genesis and tesla Y

  5. No problem! I’ve actually never used this on beamng but I love the design

  6. I have a Prius, they might be slow but jts still a bit fun to drive edit: those who downvoting me y’all never drove a Prius

  7. As fun to drive as a civic maybe, but FWD is never gonna be as fun as RWD. But thats just like my opinion man, you do you

  8. Petition to change this sub’s pic to this guy’s face?

  9. You should take it back off

  10. I feel like you shouldn’t add to much, but for me I’d remove the emblems

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