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  1. That plastic wing ain’t doin anything bro, you makin it look like a track car but it’s never touched a track. And yet you complain and try to look strong in this community? If you can’t handle it, leave

  2. Are u using the cloud backup now? All u got to do is login on facebook

  3. I’ll name a better trio. ANY. Literallly the Powerpuffgirls are better

  4. why do I feel like this belongs in a kids movie where the motorcyclists are the bad guys?

  5. Not really, but I loved the interior. Just make those headlights white and if you want, add yellow fog lights

  6. Fuck I don’t have any awards… take my upvote

  7. If you stay far enough from rush, he won't kill you

  8. not always, if you are going in a straight line rush will easily get you. Even with medicines you can’t outrun rush

  9. eyes************************************************************************************************************************************ you don't play this game

  10. bruh I literally have a clip of me playing doors.. I didn’t see eyes but now I zoomed in and I see it a couple of doors away

  11. pizza delivery drivers because they couldn’t afford an Italian hatchback

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