1. The Eliksni got what all the other species got from the traveler and what we got during the Golden Age, inspiration, information, terraformed worlds, etc. Humanity was the first (and up until recently only) ones to be granted the Light by the Traveler.

  2. So was the whirlwind the black fleet speaking to the Eliksni people's minds and so called "contaminating" their thoughts causing them to embrace darkness? Or if not in what way.

  3. Oryx was leading the primary invasion force during the Whirlwind, his Hive laid waste to the Eliksni home world and it is implied that they blew up Riis. This is due to a scannable object from Titan, before it was vaulted, that said an antenna pointed in the direction of the planet wasn’t receiving any signals.

  4. Keep stanning for a company that can't figure out servers. Most people don't use Twitter and would never consider it, asshole

  5. Honestly this "Twitter is cancerous" is really ironic nowadays, Reddit is almost as bad of a cesspool as Twitter is now.

  6. I like the dramatic approach. I can't tell if potg metrics have been changed or if it's just because 5v5.

  7. I think they might've by a small bit, either that or its just the shorter theme that is making it seem that way

  8. I enjoy the gameplay itself a lot. It's a little more chaotic but it's fun.

  9. Well looks like you should stop gaming then because this is going to happen for a loooong time. People clearly like it and it's clearly working otherwise they wouldn't keep introducing it into newer games. And before you say it this sub Reddit isn't even a quarter of the playerbase so the majority clearly doesn't care about it.

  10. person malding over a reddit comment is who fr needs to get a grip

  11. I mean he's not wrong, this place is a cesspool of misinformation and negativity. There is no such thing as constructive criticism on Reddit

  12. /uj I actually don't know, are the maps only in the new time of day now?

  13. The only one who's implying anything is you, I said IF YOU ARE PLAYING IN A GROUP it BYPASSES IT.

  14. Yeah OP phrased it TERRIBLY. The exact wording, straight from the horse's mouth:

  15. Well yes, leave the group that bypasses it completely and it goes away, didn't think it was that unclear.

  16. Yeah fr. Only thing about OW2 I don't like is hero's in the battle pass, but damn the gameplay is fire

  17. Yup gameplay is awesome! ESPECIALLY the new tanks holy FUCK thank god cc and double barrier is gone.

  18. CC and stuns were my favorite things :( No more silly or tricky gameplay only serious genji backline mode

  19. well its partially because of how bad ow2 is going to be, it was already controversial and blizzard continuously pushed their idea of "what works" on us.

  20. It will be the opposite of bad but ok I guess, gameplay is 100% an improvement from Ow 1, no double shield, reworked tanks are so much better and no more cc for non tanks.

  21. If they go the CodMW route it could be rough. Basically if you haven’t played MW every season they added a new gun as part of the battle pass, but if you didn’t get it then next season they added a challenge to get the gun. 9 times out of 10 it was some super tedious shit that no one liked doing like “get 50 kills while prone in smoke with no attachments equipped” if it’s like that for ow2 I can already imagine “do 20k healing in one match 15 times to unlock kiriko” or something like that

  22. They didn't. They said when season ends you have an opportunity to unlock in following season. You don't just get them.

  23. Well my mistake lol, thought it was that, let's hope it's not tedious then

  24. Jeez I've never seen such levels of negativity lol, have fun waiting on games to die I guess?

  25. What negativity? All things die. It’s a part of life. Also, I’m from the future so I know it dies. It’s going to be a while since I’m from 2190 but it will die. And in a really horrible way too. Ok don’t tell anybody but they buy the last frozen remains of the covid Z variant for season 100 which is covid themed. Someone accidentally or on purpose put Covid Z into the virtual reality Real Hub which was so realistic that it actually spread the extinct disease. Killed over 3 billion people. Anyways, I came back to see the fall of reddit in person. Major historical events are my jam. Don’t tell anyone all this either, even if it will all disappear in a little bit.

  26. For me I never have enough time to dedicate to leveling a battle pass, so hearing that to play as a new character I have to get to around tier 50 is a buzzkill. Of course most battle passes let you buy tiers to speed up the process but that isn’t any better.

  27. I'm pretty sure they just unlock for everyone after the season ends, regardless of your BP level

  28. Which in itself is pretty lame, OW2 is being marketed as a separate game but it’s basically just OW1 with worse monetization.

  29. It's such a shame that most people grow up without an understanding of ethics and morals, and only know "but it's a fun product, so why should I care what goes on behind the scenes?" Inherent selfishness and blissful ignorance runs rampant across the globe as everyone sucks the teat of Pop Culture to "fit in" and be like everyone else, gobbling up whatever trash is advertised to them as being Popular and Must-Haves.

  30. None of that's true. You keep all of your old heroes and every cosmetic you've unlocked in OW1. Only new heroes that get added will require you to grind.

  31. As is the cesspool of Reddit hivemind, I see one opinion of controversial game = That is my new opinion that I shall spread regardless of whether I know it's true or not

  32. This looks... Boring.... Is it like this for the whole game?

  33. I mean it's a rhythm game, it's not going to be very engaging for audiences lol. What do you expect it to be like?

  34. More.... Like more. I play games like grove coaster and project diva this looks plain

  35. Well why don't you try and play it? There some mechanics with alternating buttons for the kick and snare in order to shoot from the left and right of the gunillac to kill zombies on different sides, also bumpers for grenades which are usually on off beats

  36. Some of these were good and dynamic, but in lot of them they only standed there. Kinda meh.

  37. Yes let’s announce a boycott for the 10000000000th time just to hear that THAT week/month broke unprecedented earnings records.

  38. And that's the truth and nothing will fucking change, you hear that all you freedom fighters? NOTHING WILL EVER FUCKING CHANGE

  39. All businesses will do everything possible to maximise profits.

  40. Lol that's a good way of explaining it, the impatience of people XD I mean it makes sense

  41. It should still be there, it’s there for me at least

  42. I JUST FUCKING MISSED IT NOWWW NOOOOOO, and I saw it's been 316 days since it came back 😩😩😩😩 nooo

  43. You haven't missed anything. It's in the item shop right now.

  44. You can check the current shop items without opening your game on fnbr[dot]co, that's what I do when the cycle is renewed from my phone. Easy peasy Edit- I realised I sound like a bot lmao, but fr they are still in the shop so you can buy them for the next 16 hours or so for sure

  45. Yea I usually use that site but somedays I just forget to check because it's usually just 30 day rotation garbage, but the one day I didn't check (yesterday) they bring back the in space set XD I'm so happy it's still here for another day because it hasn't been back in a year

  46. Anyone else think it's absolutely INSANE that PVE isn't coming on launch when it's one of the biggest selling points of OW2?

  47. You say selling points, which yes it is is but just remember PvP is free to play, so people aren't paying and not getting pve.

  48. Wdym and? In that comment that person said it's crazy ow 2 isn't launching with pve as it's their main selling point, well the PvP is free to play, THEREFORE we aren't buying anything so complaining that the pve isn't releasing with it doesn't make sense?

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