1. Seems like it’s possible you just got targeted by the other guild and got mass reported. Blizzard’s robo enforcement is pretty bad at weeding out people who get falsely flagged by targeted mass reporting.

  2. It’s terrible. I’m pretty sure I remember this happening to sodapoppin (clearly on a much larger scale,but regardless).

  3. Not trying to hate but I think if that was the case then you wouldn’t be on your placement games for plat and you wouldn’t have a problem playing with PC players.

  4. I don't have a problem with pc players. I have a problem with game chat like I've already said. I demote myself in and out of plat to help my friends and the only reason I said demotion protection isn't because I'm hard stuck its because I thought I'd get more replies that way. Stop nitpicking please lol :(

  5. I mean that’s a detail you should put in there lol. Just make an alt account for your friends that’s what I do all mine are hardstuck gold

  6. If you're going toward mememaking/shitposting route I recommend gooflol Twolol sinalicious and a few others

  7. I’m kinda just going toward funny thumbnails, cuz as of right now my friends are boring and I’m solo Qing through diamond so not too many funny moments haha

  8. At least 5k at this point..😭 I switched to pc from ps4 and like I just couldn’t play the same without my heirloom so I had to get it back yk

  9. I'm p4 actually , maybe p4 IS still bronze elo , but it goes like this most of the time

  10. I’m not saying you’re* bronze, I’m just saying you won’t see people play like that passed that point. And it depends, plat on PC is a lot different from console. I hit masters on console maybe my second season playing and I struggled hitting diamond this season ab a week ago on PC. Different play styles and a big skill gap

  11. Yeah no offense here pal , but i'ts one of many things i'm starting to notice while i'm griding , like i feel people don't use their skill often even tough they're up

  12. And that’s why those players stay in the rank that they’re in. Most people defending lifeline don’t realize the game is adapting and people need to adapt with it, and a lifeline just doesn’t fit any play style that will get you into the higher ranks. Not everyone is a pred or a pro player, even three stacking you need to utilize everything to make it diamond+. Lifeline doesn’t fit in any comp that will help you do that imo.

  13. I like dick and cheese, I call up boy and he hit my spot like g I’m down on both my knees, he makes me tacos right after he licks my peen (Sang like “demons” by drake)

  14. Honestly you picked a great song, this made me laugh out loud a bit. Perfect timing.

  15. Is there a song for being absolutely useless??

  16. My cyber power was only 1300 and it streams in 1080 records in 4K with the Adrenaline thingy. Idk shit ab computers tho

  17. We have a discord with people looking for teammates all the time if you’d like a link :) all platforms too

  18. I do a mix between the two and the views are around the same, I just want opinions on what you personally like more. Maybe even multi part tiktoks??? Idk

  19. Idk… I feel like after 2000 games and only 4 wins your teammates are not to blame. Hell I’ve only played 400 something on my pc account and I could solo some of those lobbies. I know pubs are somewhat random but you’re bound to get an easy lobby every once in a while. You should post your stats, I’m curious to see how you perform individually if your teammates are the bad players Edit: I seen a previous post of yours, and you have a .42 k/d….. I understand the frustration of dying repeatedly trust me I’m sure the entire apex community does, but you need to take some blame too, it’s not all your teammates.

  20. lol, I'd love to throw up 11 kills and call it an "average" game.

  21. I meant average for me in silver lobbies* haha. Trust me my k/d drops to a 2.3 once I hit plat

  22. Highest I've seen so far is about 900 but it included an extra 100 from being promoted into diamond from plat

  23. I see a Tiktok of someone getting 1300 but it was in rookie lobbies. Still insane though, I think it’s a good change.

  24. This is more of a positioning tips than movement tips. But yeah this is nice. Tons of people don't understand where to run, how to fight well, how to use cover, etc.

  25. I realized that as I posted it I was like “wait this is positioning” but I really didn’t feel like deleting it and re typing all that stuff haha. Thank you for the feedback though i appreciate it!

  26. All good players are in the LFG selling boosts.

  27. I’m not interested in boosting, I’d like to actually be good at the game lol. I’m just looking to improve with people

  28. basically get friends. I know it sounds. like shit but it's seriously the best way to improve, add every half decent player u come across to your friendslist, and play with them repeatedly, get better together. also always an advantage to know your mates playstyles.

  29. Thanks. My arena skirmishes journey starts tomorrow lmao. It’s just hard finding people with the same schedule it changes so much. I’m sure at higher ranks it’ll be easier for me to find someone

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