1. Correct - Prime was just a by-product.

  2. Forgive me if I’m wrong but isn’t it the other way? Prime came first and allowed them to build the logistical beast needed to support AWS data centers?

  3. Why do yall even care is my question? Does having sex with many people actually, really change someone's value in your mind? And if so, why? How does sex devalue someone? Like really think about it. Deep down, what does having sex change anything about someone? Because by my estimation, you will learn what you like, and likely get hurt a few times emotionally. You will learn how to healthily express your desires, and what those desires actually are.

  4. It matters to some people and doesn’t matter to you. Both statements can be true. Why do you have to be so judge-y about what others value?

  5. I firmly believe that a lot of people who hold this standard do so unexamined. Beliefes not backed up by anything are worst judgment passed than simply asking "Do you know why you think that?"

  6. Sounds like you need to examine why it doesn’t seem to bother you when it matters to a lot of others. Do you know why you think that?

  7. Yeah for half a mill a year I’d gladly remove my stressors and bake bread all day

  8. Amazon doesn’t care about the fake reviews. CNBC did a special on this issue. Called “Why Amazon has a fake review problem”

  9. Just sort reviews by 2-3 star reviews. All the 1 star and 5 stars seem like they are all by competitors or bots lol

  10. Good thing you said Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta otherwise we all would’ve confused it for a different company

  11. So far so good - my friend I see once a year gave me her password - still works

  12. Are you watching at the same time though? HBO was very strict about kicking people off if multiple people were watching which is why i had to stop sharing two ish years ago. Would be cool if it was more lax

  13. Ask yourself if there’s any gain to seeing the artist up close. Otherwise the stage lighting is almost always optimized to be centered and towards the back where the VJ booth is and there is less obstruction issues in the back too

  14. He does play Tatum well. Unfortunately not well enough to compensate for how useless he is on the other side of the floor

  15. I can’t imagine playing pro bball and then at the age of 22 or whatever, suddenly being scared to to put the ball in the hoop

  16. This shit happens all the time people just dont post about it. Its a benign tumor (in women). Google it if you dont feel like sleeping. Its basically when a women’s egg is like fuck it i have enough dna im gona divide.

  17. Bro you said google it if i don’t feel like sleeping but your comment alone has ruined me

  18. Classic mid season Dame. Beat the best teams but also lose to the worst teams lol

  19. He just needs a break out second option in the playoffs. Every year it’s the same story where he gets doubled every play in the playoffs and no one else steps consistently

  20. I am Legend. The entire movie is setting up the premise that Will Smith is the actual monster, and the ‘monsters, are just trying to protect their own. But they changed the ending. Made absolutely no sense.

  21. It’s the name of the goddam movie and they throw that part away. It’s way more interesting than the cop out “ohh we make cure now” trope

  22. Oh my God the first I thought about was that dude on

  23. Lmao this was my exact thought too. I was like WOW what an end to this weird story

  24. Hustle culture people to me usually translate to “i have no hobbies and nothing else gives me joy than working”

  25. I have a coworker that despises vacation days, it's really crazy. Our company is one that it's a 'use it or lose it, no payout' so they dread taking vacation days and they have a second job... They even learned a unnecessary skill unrelated to their position so they could help other people in their free time at work.. Definitely a 'I have no hobbies and work is my life' type of person.

  26. That’s really bizarre to you and me but if it makes your co worker happy then I’m all for it

  27. I always giggle at idiots who lose 50k plus. I’m personally only down 46k

  28. I used to care. Not anymore. I simply make way and usually stay on the middle or the right lane.

  29. Exactly. Who tf cares? If this guy wants to be an asshole then let them be. If reacting increases chances of an accident or other violence by even a fraction of a percent, then it still isn’t worth it

  30. Cannabis is your friend. Commonly available nearly everywhere. Bonus - no hangover.

  31. Yeah not entirely true my friend. I definitely have weed hangovers in the form of extreme grogginess the morning after lol

  32. Do you smoke right before sleeping? If you do it probably fucks with your sleep. I never smoke 3 hours before bed time.

  33. I smoke to help me sleep lol. I’m well aware of the “not getting REM sleep” theory so I’m not getting as good of sleep but honestly it’s better than me tossing and turning until 3am every night

  34. It’s wild how this has become the answer to keeping kids quiet in a public space. I’m a barber - I see it nearly everyday with parents bringing kids in. They are GLUED to their tablet. If you try to remove it they become instantly upset. I’ve seen kids literally come into the shop, wait for a cut, get a cut and then leave - having never looked up from the tablet. It’s crazy.

  35. Lol when i was a kid and my mom brought me to stuff like her ESL class, i was bored out of my freaking mind. Is playing on a tablet as a kid to pass the time any worse than having a kid losing his sanity and counting the number of dots on the wall paper?

  36. It runs fine on my ps5, is console better than pc now?

  37. It’s optimized for consoles. It’s much much easier to play test and optimize for one single machine rather than the unlimited amount of PC configs. It’s not a good reason, but that’s probably why

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