1. It's an old joke meant to be obscure, the original was with the 6th James Bond and the 9th item on the McDonald's menu, meaning 69. I'm guessing the premise of this meme is the same.

  2. That is not the joke. What the hell are you talking about? Stop trying to deceive people into believing outright lies. Stop it with this nonsense, sinner

  3. This is world government claptrap. Don't make me a part of your so called "idol contest." Everyone with a brain is well aware that you're attempting to create the antichrist with your "Sachi" and "snek." A very thinly veiled reference to the devil luring Eve into sin by disguising himself as a snake. I'm not falling for your lies, sinner. REMOVE ME FROM THIS CONTEST OF DEBAUCHERY AND SIN

  4. I used to look into flashlights for training, but they just don't hit the same as they used to. I'm simply too strong for them and now look into the sun to train

  5. I remember watching bleach when I was a kid and then I got hit by a car while pretending to be ichigo in the street. Ever since then I never watched bleach again

  6. Sorry in advance for it being all caps, it's how I write all impact text

  7. Tell me the sacred text for the last pic

  8. Great meme op but I wanna read whats behind dogeward dogeric.

  9. Sorry in advance for it being all caps, it's how I write all impact text

  10. Context: Her name is Rin Tohsaka. Tohsaka kinda sounds like "toe sucker"

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