Oil well drilling looks absurdly dangerous

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  1. Ppl that are against masks should write it down so when they have a major operation, the surgeons do it without a mask, hairnet or gloves.

  2. Please look for a forever home yourself and don't just dump it in a shelter.

  3. I am so thankful to be born in Europe as a woman. This shit is getting out of hand and we warmly welcome any women from the US who want to live a safe life here.

  4. This looks like if any part of you got into any part of the machine if would break you like a wig. Like the bottom bendy bits? Perfect to break your foot and ankle.

  5. If the condiments is not spread right to the edges and in the corners of the bread.

  6. Or if it's bland AF. Butter alone won't cut it, I need mayo, mustard, pesto or anything else to make it savoury.

  7. I think you should just discuss no-gos etc. and do it. Many here don't understand that not every SD wants you to play the spoilt girl laying off sex as long as possible. Many just ghosts you when it takes too long and honestly, I need the money.

  8. I guess matinee musicals are out. No more Peter Pan, Lion King, Dr. Doolittle and the dreaded Nutcracker. Don’t get me started on ballet.

  9. No more metal concerts. Half the men wear make-up, sing and dance...

  10. That would mean that 1/2 of all Metal bands, most Theaters and certain TV shows would have to stop doint what they are doing... Like Kiss meets all these criteria to the fullest...

  11. I am a sugar baby and ok with having sex if the sugar daddies are gtntlemen who respect boundaries. The amount of fake SDs that want to do it raw for 300.- is enraging. It's so hard to find one who won't block you if you say a condom is a must.

  12. Just had a guy who spoke in childs language how want to put his "seedy" on me 🤮 He is 56... Told him I wouldn't do it raw or let him come on me because STDs and blocked him. The other demanded I have to tounge kiss him even if I said tounge kissing isn't my thing. I swear sometimes I am so done with fake SDs who just seek sex and not a real SD/SB relationship.

  13. Loll omg, why are they always like that!! They don't realize that coming inside a woman will make her pregnant!! Grow ass baby!! "I WANT TO PUT MY SEEDY ON YOU" 😤

  14. Yeah it was disgusting. He was ugly and skinny as well and I look more like 18 than 28 so he gave me major red flag vibes.

  15. Formula baby here. Doesn't matter if it's breastmilk or formula, you are a great mother.

  16. I get so many SDs online wanting raw sex without respecting my boundaries. Icam so done with these guys!

  17. You might only be able to push it off to the second date until you become more experienced :/ demand more money. And demand an std test blood and urine

  18. I just always get those who want to do it raw or don't respect my boundries even before we meet. I am honestly sick of it.


  20. Me and my bffs had our Hen Do in London but couldn't afford going on a weekend. We were asked to leave when the bar closed at 10pm... It was a thursday.

  21. there is hair around every hole of your body and they actually protect those holes from external bacteria and stuff like that. Removing hair is actually technically less hygienic but its not an amount worth worrying over and you're allowed to make whatever grooming choices you like.

  22. I shaved after a few periods because the blood got the hairs stuck together when I wore pads. Ugh.

  23. I hope you understand that you are just essentially escorting, nothing wrong with that just letting you know to not expect a classic SR dynamic. So yes, money first then excuse yourself to the bathroom to check it out and count it.

  24. Thank you very much for your answer. You are very right and I am glad you girls told me this isn't right. I just texted him that I want a meet-up in a Restaurant on Friday and if everything fits, we could look into a date with sex for the next time. I also lifted my price from 400.- to 700.- for a date with sex, and 300.- for a date without it. Let's hope he is okay with that and if not, I'll find another one.

  25. I would not go through with this. But if you are certain you do at least meet him first in a public place where you can talk for a bit. Ideally let him give you the money first in a public location and you can count it in the bathroom or check if it's fake. In his home he could take the money back or not give it to you at all and then throw you out.

  26. Thank you very much for the input. This was really helpful.

  27. I got married at 21 and after moving in together, I found out my husband was an abusive asshole, wasted 3 years on him splitting everything 50/50 getting gaslighted and manipulated daily and when we broke up I was left all alone having to pay for a huge apartment by myself. Started working 60h a week to be able to pay for my bills, compromised my time, youth, body and still wasn’t enough to be able to afford the things I really wanted or save for the future. I would get home from work dead and my mental health was starting to suffer from it. That’s when I decided to look into sugaring; started at 24 and at the time didn’t know about reddit, didn’t have anyone to ask or talk to about what I was doing so I, like you, made many mistakes: one guy promised me he would give me 5k allowance and I believed him, had sex with him and never saw a dime, I let another guy record me and spit on me and call me a whore for $500 and then saw him again another time because he promised $1k but at the end only gave me $500 and I wasn’t able to do anything about it. I too had unprotected sex on 3 different occasions but luckily never caught anything and another time got drunk and had unprotected sex with a vanilla guy and he gave me chlamydia 🤮. I met a girl that was into the same lifestyle; I met her SD and he gave me $1500 and 3 pair of louboutins that night, but the whole time he was smoking crack and I allowed him to use a belt on me because “it turned him on”. I was sooo fucking naive!! Discovering this forum and understanding I have to set boundaries and put my own limits changed my life, I had a whole lot of trauma from all those bad experiences (vanilla and non) but there’s nothing you can do besides learning and not repeating the same mistakes ever again. I used to feel stupid for my naïveté but now I have a whole lot of love towards myself, I feel grateful for what I went through because it made me the super strong woman that I am today. Now the SD I’m seeing treat me like an actual princess and I’m pretty happy. Haven’t worked a normal job for a year and during this time i’ve been able to travel to vegas, paris, italy, florida, and the caribbeans, (never traveled before) I have time to focus on my passions like going to the gym, getting 9 hours of sleep, be healthy and don’t waste my time on a 9-5 job. Obviously this doesn’t have to be the end goal, you should save up enough money to be independent but you can choose how to respond to your traumas and what you go through in life might be a lesson or a curse. There’s nothing you can’t do to change the past but you can learn from it to change the future. I too want to get married eventually but I know for sure my value isn’t defined by my mistakes or my past and if my future husband can’t accept that it just means he’s not the right one for me. Hope you can learn how to love yourself and not let the past bring you down!

  28. You life with your husband sounds 1/1 like mine. he has 35'000$ savings while I am 3500$ in dept. Tells you a lot about him already so I am having my first date this week. To pay off my bills and dept and to be able to afford my apartment.

  29. Yes, because YOUR experience working at one restaurant must apply to EVERY restaurant! You should Google the prices of a bottle of wine at Nobu.. that’s a well known basic high end restaurant and they have multiple wines way over $120😅 Idk the purpose of your comment.. you think women should accept low ppms??

  30. Says the girl who thinks just because she got lucky, everyone is able to get a whale... Come down your tall horse and get a reality check. If I could I would take more than 300 - 400 but there are NO whales in my city.

  31. Well not everyone can get such a big fish. The average SDs in my town will pay 300 - 400 but anything above they can't pay. Not every SD is a millionaire. I rather have 2, 3 dates with a low price than non..

  32. I swear vegans have some crazy ppl in their rows. You produce breastmilk so you can feed your baby! And if you can't produce use the stuff that is MEANT to be fed to a baby.

  33. Tbh meeting an SD next friday and we know it's about sex. The money is right so Idk as long as I get paid.

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