1. its still a great deal but the cashback for me is now 7.5% instead of 20% so it just slightly more in the end

  2. I have yet to find one in the wild. Unless u count the ones they find and mark up... but none for 12$ haha

  3. LMFAO non-cookers who expect other to make them food are the worst kind of people YTA

  4. Ive watched so many Friends episodes and don’t think I have ever laughed

  5. I dont like friends, but I do like How I met your mother and theres a cool build w this set for the pub from that show. Im gonna get one and use it for that

  6. That sounds pretty cool, can you link to that?


  8. Two chat reps told me no cause I brought on Oct 19 and the UPCI number doesn't show discount

  9. Same issue here... I'm doing the campaign questline see if it eventually shows up

  10. what a bitch, proximity chat is awesome why should it be removed cuz a couple people abuse it

  11. I would like to imagine that normally there are safeguards against this.

  12. normally yes, but this is china safety regulation is literally a foriegn concept to them if these guys die who cares becuase are a trillion more waiting to do the same job

  13. I tried to get into it but making me play it the campaign basically multiple times no fucking thanks

  14. People were hating on me for saying it was silly to preorder a month ago 🤣🤡 I had a feeling these were over printed af and looks like I was right!

  15. i dont know, i didnt buy it but 5 of my friends did so i guess the majority of the sheeple will happliy consume more product

  16. why tf would this be suprising to you black cards are way more popular the white ones are produced in lower quanititys and are pricier as a result

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