Women of Iran removing their hijabs while screaming "death to dictator" in protest against the assasination of a woman called Mahsa Amini because of not putting her hijab correctly

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  1. But his reactions shows that amazing side of his personality: He would get really sad, but ultimately he would respect any choice Marinette makes even if it's not with him, that's fantastic

  2. And we have no part time heroes anymore to do the same for ladybug being in love with chat. :(

  3. It would be FUN if the US actually win the World Cup 😂

  4. I think the Dutch are in trouble and really don’t see them as much of a threat. I can really see the US beating Poland in the quarters but losing to Brazil in the semis. Then beating Portugal for third place.

  5. Ephemeral showed that Adrien wants to share his identity with Ladybug, and the only reason he doesn’t is because she’s made her position clear.

  6. True, but Adrien wanting to share his identity to Ladybug is something that exists since the first 5 episodes if I recall correctly

  7. Since OP did not provide credit to the artist, I’ll have to, bc Kelly deserves all the love in the universe. Artist is Buggachat on tumblr. Link to her profile:

  8. Yes I did, the credit has to always be replied to the bot in the first comment

  9. she's the epitome of "cringe but cool"

  10. I still find this so unnecessary. He’s literally never had an issue sending the akumas out the window so does he really need to use Kaalki every time.

  11. TBH I wouldn't minf if they switched forever or that's how the show started


  13. Pretty sure Disney's been airing new episodes in order thus far...

  14. Soccer isn't a prominent US national sport because it goes on for hours with low / zero scoring and routinely ends in tie games. Americans' attention spans are strained by the game and, when the final whistle blows, we like a definitive winner and loser.

  15. First of all, it doesn't go for hours, each match lasts 90 minutes. Make it 2 hours if you want with the halftime break

  16. Mans been rolling so hard in the coffin we generatin ALL THAT POWER


  18. Would love to see her with ladybug wings. Mabye as a sign that she's getting unburdened with guardianship and other hero responsibilities.

  19. I've always loved the idea of Queen Bee and Ladybug developing magic wings in time. I can see why ZAG didn't go with it (they'd be accused of ripping off Winx Club or something). However, Queen Bee being able to fly and Ladybug using her wings to glide longer at the end of a Yo-Yo swing both appeal to me and I'm using it in my Fan-Fiction series.



  22. I didn't even notice i was watching out of order! Does anyone know what the episode order is supposed to be? Is it on Tom's Twitter or something

  23. Def mad at myself for watching them out of order. Wayyy too many things were skipped and I need a reset button.

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