1. If they aren't comfortable with total freedom, you could suggest that the parents lay out a few different appropriate choices and let the kids pick from there. It's not ideal but at least it would give them some agency. Do you have a sense of why they do this? Do they just want the kids to look nice, or do they have particular ideas about how they should dress for other reasons?

  2. Looking nice is definitely one of the reasons-but it might also be that they never really considered letting the kids decide. In their day-to-day there are generally very few things that the kids decide for themselves, and they are not very self-reliant in most ways

  3. One of my former NK’s was telling everyone her mom was having a baby girl. Turns out, she just really wanted a sister

  4. Same with mine, only came out when teacher congratulated mb… mb then explained to nk that she was too old to have another kid and I later had another chat with Nk about it as well when she brought it up.

  5. Yes, I converse pretty much all the time with them. forming a relationship without talking seems pretty difficult.Also, if you are there to teach them English, conversing with them is the best way to practice with them. You can just ask them how school was or just generally about their day, maybe also tell them about your day…

  6. No, you will not need a return ticket. But it might be good to apply for a visa before as with the tourist visa you are technically not allowed to work. I am assuming you are from a non-eu country?

  7. Honestly, I don‘t think he ever was the good guy, not even in the beginning. He was always selfish and whiny, constantly demanding Madelyn‘s attention and never giving anything back. He was just always kinda toxic.

  8. Translucent (was constantly naked around other men and shoved stuff up his butt)

  9. Not sure if this helps at all but in my experience kids just react differently to short-term visitors than to long-term. With my first family I basically had the exact same situation: previous au-pair came over, kids were super excited to see her and acted nicer than towards me. However, when I came back to visit them a while later, they acted exactly as excited and nice as towards her.

  10. No, a-train would never do that, this is fake news, probably spread by liberal supe-haters. Hope homelander lasers all these traitors

  11. Nicht sicher ob der gute Mann 3 oder 4 Döner gegessen hat, aber 36,50 sind definitiv zu teuer

  12. Sometimes kids just need time to adapt to a new authority figure. And for this, you of course need the support of the parents. They need to make it clear to the kids that they have to listen to you. If you feel like they don‘t do that or not enough, just try talking with them and explain your feelings.

  13. I put so much effort into censoring the name and you just destroy all my hard work like that

  14. /uc If you can find a lawyer who will commit fraud and is super corrupt on reddit like Saul then he is probably not a very good criminal lawyer

  15. If you are trying to find a corrupt lawyer on reddit, you are probably not a very good criminal either

  16. She-Hulk makes sense. Bruce had massive childhood trauma and when he was exposed to gamma radiation all that anger personified into the Hulk. He never dealt with it, just tried to run away his whole life, and he couldn’t control the Hulk until he accepted him.

  17. Also, it‘s literally later shown that she is not quite as in control as she believes herself to be

  18. I got why the adults were laughing, but why was the niece laughing?

  19. Kids find the dumbest things funny, especially if they notice someone else laughing too

  20. What silly kinda questions is this? Morbius or Morbius 2 I would understand. But Minions 2??? It‘s just objectively soooo much worse than Morbius, it‘s not even funny.

  21. Good list, although I would put Soldier Boy way higher-for younger people like me it was basically the first introduction to this legendary superhero and I loved the subtle connections to the A-Train and other movies in general. Also, Ackles‘ performance was amazing.

  22. I suppose it wasn‘t completly unjustified, however, it was also just kind of unnecessary? There was absolutely no gain from punishing him, though it does fit Dream‘s character.

  23. My theory is that Black Noir is going to get seduced by Starlight who then convinces him that Homelander is evil and that they have to take him down. However, in the final act, Homelander says the name of his mother (which coincidentally is the same name as the one of Noir’s mom, Martha) which makes Black Noir realize that there is no way that Homelander is the bad guy. He then also realizes that Starlight is a liar and teams up with Homelander once more to defeat her. The end.

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