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  1. I was gonna do it to Derry but you can't even get an Asteroid west of the Bann these days.

  2. Everyone looking at the poor rat like his existence is disgusting. Fuck the haters.

  3. There's a centra deli in the clougher service station that some wee english girl made me the best beef baguette I've ever had. Loads of horse radish and swimming in gravy and a mountain of onions on it. Saved me from a desperate hangover. I think about it at least once a week.

  4. What is it about a good sandwich that stays with the man for years. I still think about this massive roast beef sandwich I got in a tiny little cafe outside Sligo when I was 17. I'm nearly fucking forty and still holding a candle for that sandwich.

  5. If you're getting a Sawyer's get them to MAKE the sandwich for you instead of selecting one from the counter. The counter sandwiches are half empty as they're made for display but cost the same.

  6. Why does the money need to go through an energy company to then be cashed out by us? Feels like the energy company makes gains from the injection of cash (interest, share price etc) and then the customer gets paid out. There is no guarantee we even get paid out of the same pool of money. It’s wild, and it stinks.

  7. lol, usually ukpol mods just declare something Misleading with a big red tag if they don't like it. You got the special treatment.

  8. At least you guys have the NHS ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  9. Didn't say what their motives/demands are? Perhaps I'm out of touch but it's not obvious to me what they're trying to achieve with this.

  10. The same demands they always have. Drivel and nonsense about crown forces. They're a bunch of cunts.

  11. I had to Google entertainment exchange. I've never heard cex called that.

  12. Lad I went to CEX in Derry and cleaned up on PS3/PS2 games. 21 games for £43


  14. Literally almost every line that Gina says to Amy is an insult.

  15. Elon never had the makings of a varsity athlete.

  16. You just know there’s one guy trying to argue this is all standard procedure.

  17. You can see on twitter right now at this exact moment the usual "Conservative" mouth pieces are literally saying that "it's working better" and "Elon was right to downsize"

  18. What does "dog reactive" mean? Is this a wishy-washy way of saying that she's aggressive around other animals?

  19. Darth Vader is the same way for me. For the vast majority of content outside of the original trilogy he shouldn't be a villain, he should be a horror movie monster. He should be hinted at, and when he does appear he should be a force of nature. Star Wars: Fallen Order used him to great effect imo. You finish the last boss, and then Vader appears, you fight him for a moment before realizing that there is no possible way Cal could ever beat him. It's an incredibly tense sequence that puts Vader's skills in context.

  20. That run as Cal is incredible and Vader is literally throwing pieces of Fortress Inqisitorius at you is one of the best moments ive had in gaming. Fallen Order Vader harkens back to Legenda Vader.

  21. Seems like they're keeping the general idea of a Deadpool and Wolverine roadtrip but this time, a roadtrip around the multiverse

  22. I think the TVA will realise the entire Foxverse is a variant of a variant because it's timeline steps over itself so much they're actually surprised it hasn't caused an incursion so they decide to wipe it. Cue Deadpool running through the Foxverse to save his friends from the TVA and finally escaping into the MCU

  23. Must admit i loathe and abhour these pretentious fuckwits too . Think sometimes it a case of Monkey see , Monkey do as well and egos take over .

  24. They started believing their own Minion and Marilyn Memes about how special they are and how they can do anything.

  25. Emulsified water vegetable oil hybrid butters will do this. There are a few things in life you should never skimp on,butter ,toilet roll and mince.

  26. So the red wave turned out to be nothing more than some light spotting? Gonna be great watching Trump and DeSantis destroy each other over the next two years.

  27. Um that double zipper betrays an alternate use to that suit.

  28. I would credit the artist but i have forgotten who I got it from. But they are brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. He does magazine covers too. Will edit this to credit them if anyone can remind me.

  29. That's fair yes as soon as I posted that I say the I don't remember thing lol. Absolutely thought they'd crazy good I'll have to hit them up when you find um.

  30. It’s very aesthetically pleasing, an added bonus to the good story.

  31. I’m clogging my storage up with screenshots lol everything’s just such an amazing photo opportunity. Sadly there isn’t many places to share them with people.

  32. The Ghost VP twitter community is pretty active and the Devs are regularly sharing people's screenshots in their updates

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