1. He's nothing but a stolen valor ass clown chomo. Hopefully someone "accidentally" sets fire to his house

  2. I have a 2002 R8 with a flame top, which was the very last year they got those. 2003 and up got plain tops. I posted a pic of it on here about a week ago. It's a killer guitar!


  4. Yikes! No bueno. Take it to a REPUTABLE luthier who can properly do the fix.

  5. Advice for buffing out or trying to remove scratches? I had a guitar tech who was pretty rough with my Les Paul

  6. Just a good paste type polish. Either Eterna Shine, or the stuff from Music Nomad are both great. Use a soft cloth to apply and another one to buff out

  7. Absolutely! Should absolutely take care of them. Best of luck

  8. Bon would probably look more like his brother Derek. White hair, a bit of a gut. I do think he would've either left the band after "Back in Black" or taken a long break

  9. You can't go wrong with a Black Beauty 🤘 What do you think so far?

  10. Music is the language of the universe, not mathematics. Even the deaf can appreciate rhythms, because they can feel it. Black holes emit sound with their escaping gases.

  11. The joke is offensive. As well as the question about my gender in a sub comment section about musical instruments.

  12. Ah, I was just trying to help. Looks like a possibility. Didn’t zoom in until you said it was a sleeve. Never seen the stop piece posts pull out like that. Some of the pics made it look like a misplaced thumb wheel. If this was my call, I’d just reach out to a luthier.

  13. Just another chucklehead looking to stir people up while he sits back and jerks off about it. Just ignore this post

  14. I want it, I’m a sucker for exotic woods on guitars. They’re art work as much as an instrument to me.

  15. Yes, it's a 2013 Koa Top and it sounds amazing. As far as the Charvel, only $5300 and it's yours! LOL

  16. Thanks! It is. I definitely love me some flame tops!

  17. Probably called "Ball Bag One." Or maybe "I just jump into wars on my own when I'm in the Army...only I wasn't in the Army"

  18. Yeah, Jeremy Dipshit someone is going to want an ambulance completely wrapped with metro state bullshit. My goodness this guy really does live in his own delusional world! He really does believe he's some kind of amazing celebrity when in reality, everyone is laughing at him!!!

  19. And he has some fascination with wearing uniforms. He's absolutely fixated on them.

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