1. Who did you get these from? These ones look good. I copped 2 different pairs from 2 different sellers and both the Nike swish material were way off, it was almost like a black suede and iv been looking for a better paid. LMK.

  2. Let’s be real, none of us would know who Pun is if it wasn’t for No jumper. He only gets his views speaking on no jumper topics…it’s pretty apparent he heard Sharp making a good point and probably saw AD was listening and had to stop it before he changed his mind or was open to his opinion. Pun tryna be a Suge Knight if podcasting.

  3. Can someone explain when they say how soon? I watch the clip, but I don’t hear his name.

  4. I’m confused af, maybe I’m missing something, but where or when do they say house phone name?

  5. and u buy fake ass Jordan’s judging from ur comments po ass boy😂😭 no jumper fans are dirtbags fr 😂😂😂

  6. I work in software development at Amazon in the Seattle HQ. Not wanting to pay a rack over resell for 1 pair of reps I purchased isn’t called being a “po ass boy”, it’s called bein smart lol youll learn someday lil boy. Good try tho 👏🏼👏🏼😂🤡

  7. U can’t be serious, Kylie became friends with Heather and stole heathers whole style and esthetic down to the blue hair Heather use to have. She copied her nails, clothes, hair EVERYTHING

  8. All y’all no jumper incels are weird af. U hatin on a bitch that looks better on her worst day than anyone u could even imagine pulling.

  9. Everything he says is a lie. This dude will tell you his fat ass had cereal for breakfast, when this fat fuck had a blueberry muffin.

  10. You know the best way to do that ? We gotta spread this shit dude is a disgusting human being .

  11. Threatening to rape a women and child and saying ur going to ruin her insides, has an expiration date? The fuck kinda creepy shit u on? Take his dick out ur mouth


  13. You need to add links with these posts or it just looks like spam


  15. It’s a civil harassment case not criminal. Still a little prick but didn’t break the law

  16. How u trying to downplay r*ping a women? You’ll do anything to keep this man dick down ur throat smh

  17. That ain’t assault wouldn’t that just be harassment

  18. Who said anything about assault? The fact that some of ya’ll trying to downplay it justify this fat MF actions is crazy…he threatened to R*pe her…”I’m gunna ruin her insides” u either dumb af or just really love this dude dick in ur mouth

  19. How are y'all just now making this OBVIOUS revelation 🤣 congrats

  20. My life doesn’t revolve around no jumper lol 😂 congrats on being a fan boy lol 🤡

  21. Can someone please help me with these three fault codes on my 2009 Audi A4 2.0T: 02123, 02115 & 00920 (iv attached pictures) Over the past year the front passenger door has gone in and out of working. I am still sometimes able to sometimes unlock it with the key fob, but most time I have to open it from inside, but the flood lights don’t turn on at all, and neither do any of the other lights on the front passager door (control lights such as the lock unit or red reflector) I am able to roll down the front passenger window from the driver side control unit, but it doesn’t work on the door itself. To be honest the heated mirror fault doesn’t bother me that much, the main thing I would love to fix is the puddle lights, since I just bought new logo LED For the car (and no it didn’t work before that either) so that is my main focus. It would also be nice to get the door locking system working properly. Can someone please help me out with this issue 🙏🏼… and please be descriptive. I’m not a car expert by any means.

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