I felt the cringe soon as he brought up that analogy…

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  1. The name reads more like a spell. Change the name to Justice [name] maybe? Like Justice Gerald (that's a really bad name but you get the point)

  2. Watch JoJo bizarre adventure’s btw card should be named as “the Justice” because it is a name of the stand

  3. I would correct JoJo buzzard adventure, but I'm afraid that's just what they would call season 2 or something

  4. I always like this post, because the whole effigy is imposed on just the head, so it looks like a tiny person is riding on the shoulders of the character

  5. I love the idea that people think because a analogy can be made, it means there's insight that can be drawn from it.

  6. Oh my yog for Minions? This is less powerful than OMY because they still get a minion every time, instead of random spells that can fizzle or be actively bad.

  7. Imagine having your head so far up your ass you think Jordan Peterson could ever qualify as an anarchist.

  8. Wasn't he rushed to the hospital lately, because of an overdose of unjust hierarchy?

  9. Having unsuccessfully gone through IVF, my canned response to “oh you can just adopt.” Is that one should feel a calling to adoption before doing IVF. Adoption shouldn’t be a consolation prize for failing to reproduce through natural means or medical intervention. That’s not fair to the kid.

  10. Listen, if you see an adopted child as a 'consolation prize', you're going to be looking at your own child the same way, as soon as they aren't exactly as you had in mind.

  11. They actually kind of have to be, that's why you can only put one of them in your deck.

  12. Yep, case in point. Definitely a pointless legendary. (I mean I guess it was kind of a unique effect at the time, sort of?)

  13. Imagine you have $1, and two other people have $1000 and €0,10 respectively. Would you prefer to:

  14. Kill rich guy to solve current inflation crisis, make life better for greatest amount of people.

  15. People don't seem to realize that most applications of machine learning are just glorified statistics, that humans have been doing for over a hundred years.

  16. Damn, this subreddit really does sit on the verge of pedophilia. This has happened with other avatar subreddits and they end up getting banned.. please stop normalizing the sexualization of children.

  17. We're probably all thinking back of when we were kids as well, just starting to get attracted to our peers. It's weird how Ty Lee hasn't grown with all of us yet we still carry the memories of we had of her.

  18. Playing an 8/3/5 do nothing the turn Its played is crushing, payoff isnt enough

  19. But that doesn't also give you a long-term bonus. I mean it wins you the game instantly, but what does that mean compared to value?

  20. I always rule that a party stealth check equals the lowest roll, but anyone who rolled a nat 20 gets to cancel someone else's roll, so this would be a 17

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