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Colorado Springs shooting suspect's father is very relieved his son isn't gay

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  1. My guess is lymphatic filariasis. Its caused by a parasite that is spread by mosquitoes. I grew up in a place where it was common so the department of health would show up in a big white van and pass out a hand full of pills to all of us kids at school. Seems odd phrasing it that way but my balls/extremities never got that massive so it must have worked.

  2. Those shots look like the beginning of a movie that does not have a happy ending.

  3. Looks like they could’ve solved the homelessness problem in the USA 🇺🇸 years ago 🥲🥲

  4. As gross as it is to watch, having that pressure released must have felt fucking awesome for the cow

  5. In case someone's wondering whats going on, the thing kinda broke so it is opening every single door, and the man has to search on every single one in order to find his package (hence closing them in the process) he's not stealing

  6. Or he was looking for a 10 million dollar diamond 💎 and the other items were irrelevant 😂😂

  7. Yes it does. They were stacked with the first book on top. The picture is meant to line up when they're placed on a shelf in order from left to right.

  8. Hey man you can’t be correct on Reddit ! You get downvoted for simply stating the obvious

  9. Domestic violence is a massive co-factor in shootings like this. Something like 65% of shooters have DV histories. We could prevent a lot of shootings if we closed DV loopholes

  10. I think it’s all the beautiful ladies in the world who make these men go crazy 🫠

  11. NeverMind that, what about the eldricth horror type looking thing in the sky?!

  12. Man, your junk changes the color of my PP. This is no good!

  13. An icicle is a naturally occurring object made entirely of frozen water, a freezie is a frozen man-made snack (without a stick). They're not the same thing.

  14. This was a case of getting to the right garage sale first. It actually happened about 2 months ago. Seller was selling a late family member’s collection and I paid their very fair asking price. We were both happy. As mentioned in one of the captions there was also an Xbox and 360 collection but I only grabbed the 3 titles pictured. We had a lovely conversation and I gave them tips on how to deal with collectors/resellers who try to give them a hard time

  15. I’ve downed this guy he was playing with someone called “mad Brooo “. But madd broo knocked me ,,, I don’t know his name but recognize his skin and mills

  16. Design wise I think its cool (I like tutrtle), but why

  17. I was aware that it’s a rare color but I couldnt bring myself to give them $20 for it broken. It should be more like $5 and not broken haha.

  18. Plus it’s untested idk why they want so much for an item that might not even work ..

  19. Why is someone in bed at the start? 😂

  20. That’s insane man I just ordered a set of cooking gloves and received a bad ass computer in the mail … crazy

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