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  1. We shouldn't tie emotion to the money we have already put in. For many people we are already looking at losses anyway.

  2. I've had that same thing happen. They were offering a $50 PayPal payment to get me to take down the review.

  3. I know this feeling! Not long after I first joined I got a pair of lightsabers - valued at $100 - that you can unite into 1…double…bladed….lightsaber. They make sounds when you hit them together, like you’re actually dueling with them, and have 15 (RBG) colors to choose from. I dressed up as a lady Darth Maul for Halloween this year and felt BADASS!

  4. I got the single bladed lightsaber a while back and, first thing I did, googled how to do that Obi Wan hand spinning thingy.

  5. Ooh I got chills 😆 how exciting!! And have you learned how to do it?

  6. Those review rankings were open to being gamed. Some vendors will contact vine reviewers asking them to review products.

  7. I didn’t know the reviewers were so serious about the rankings and helping each other with “like swapping”. Also didn’t know they could contact each other for support. This Reddit topic is the first time I’ve ever interacted with anyone that was a vine reviewer, but I have been contacted by manufacturers of reviewed items for reviews. Thank you for the insight!

  8. The like swapping thing was around before I knew about vine. The thinking was that you could game Amazon algorithms by clicking like on particular reviews to get them more exposure, thereby promoting the good ones over the bad ones.

  9. I can remember getting all this shiny stuff, like sofas and arm chairs and expensive watches, only to end up with a ton of incontinence pads pop up on Vine at one point.

  10. You see how it works. All this negativity in the news, the price crashed, and there were 15k or so people in here all at once. People come here. One for all and all for the watermelon.

  11. I'm beginning to think he was being dishonest when he said he wanted to help ordinary working people.

  12. I've been wondering if there is a person about here who has gone over every inch of the place and done everything there is to do.

  13. I have! Literally boy scout walked north to south east to west was really bored and it took 2 months 8 hours a day.

  14. Where in all this are you going to run after the forsworn to see where their King goes?

  15. Why not get some baseball themed stuff and just tell everyone it's a sports harder mish mash?

  16. I'm confused. Isn't this how you do it? I see this at the optimal sell point.

  17. Maybe someone should try this with a rabbit body. It should be easier to carry than a person since rabbits are small and light. Alternatively maybe you can get either a follower or a pet (if you have mods) carry your items and you can try to sneak them into the embassy that way?

  18. Im in the switch with it so I don't have mods other than what is in the anniversary edition. But I'd like to know if you manage it.

  19. Daft question. Have you ever tried storing your items on a dead dude and drag him into the embassy with you? Never tried it myself but wondering if it might work.

  20. Also, when I finally get to fight the ebony warrior I'm going to drag his corpse from one end of Skyrim to the other and he's going to be stuffed full of as many cheese wheels as I can find. By then it will be really boring anyway.

  21. I've had three playthrough so far and never once finished the game. Each time I've played I've only ever sacrificed one dude to Boethia or however you spell that. It's the guy you pick a fight with in the silver blood inn. This is the fourth play through and this time im going to finish it.

  22. In the sewer with Thonos or Thoros or whatever he is called. The dude fighting in his underwear. Anyway, I sent three dremora in after him using this and he took control of them and sent them after me. 😂

  23. It wasn't like this last year. Now you're basically forced to claim an item you are interested in before you can even take a look at it. I've noticed it's the same stuff appearing repeatedly. Perhaps if we wait a bit we might get a chance to get something nice.

  24. It will. Otherwise we will likely end up piling into upstart or wherever the watermelon cart takes us.

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