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  1. I seriously dislike Leo and always have. I was rooting for his death like finally some just desserts 🧁👌 only for soft hearts and softer brains to prevail smh.

  2. I really liked the free city AI in Scott Westerfields “Imposters” series. The whole city is more an AI utopia ideal. But there are other AI run places that are dictatorial, oppressed, or fooled. A lot of the series is preserving the gods AI city

  3. I didn’t have this problem at all. I accidentally started with ALH, found it immensely intriguing, then realized it wasn’t the beginning and went back.

  4. If this is thesamurider on IG, I decided to go lesbian for her 2 years ago. She just doesn’t know it.. yet

  5. {Kildar} by John Ringo. Trigger warnings don’t even start to warn on this one. {Ghost} is the first book in the series and is even worse. Kildar is second in the series but you can start with it. Dark stuff but badass special forces guys and definitely strikes the cords you say you are looking for. There are more in the series. Pretty good reads but bloody and rough. Fair warning.

  6. The prequel books are but the rest are just Reacher being a drifter. He just wanders around America and usually finds a small town being run by criminals and sorts it out.

  7. What would be your boundaries/definitions of "medieval"? Because I have a really good series that is kind of bordering on medieval but no "knights in shining armour and the helpless princess is stuck in the tower with the witch".

  8. I’ll take the suggestion anyways because I don’t have anything against medieval but I’m just not in the moood.

  9. Thanks! Unfortunately I read that one. It was pretty good! Lots of weird sandwiches haha

  10. Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman was on one hand, not a very sad book but on the other, had a very melancholic tone that I can’t quite explain. I think this book fits your “downer but chill” request.

  11. I hate endings that fast forward. Gave two of my favorite book series a bad aftertaste.

  12. This is a good point. I see it a lot and sometimes I feel it leaves a hole where I’d have rather seen the resolution

  13. Ah, you’ve failed the first test, thus proving you don’t know how to read a book at all since you couldn’t even finish the guide. Perhaps try employing some of their techniques into reading their techniques. /s

  14. The Heiress: The Revelations of Anne de Bourgh by Molly Greeley

  15. As an Austen fan, this holds my interest. I’m not a purist per se, but I’ve not read any of the spin-offs yet. I’ll give it a try, thanks!

  16. I’m just finishing up the Westcott series by Mary Balogh and it’s been a lot of fun. Not much steam, but the characters are very well written and the family dynamic is fantastic. And each romance has been different and well done. Even two heroines who are older than 40! It starts with {Someone to Love by Mary Balogh}.

  17. Scarlet Shadows by Emma Drummond/Elizabeth Darrell (first published under one name, but put on KU under the other). Romance set during the Crimean War; the hero is a military officer, while the heroine is his sister-in-law. This is an old book, so the hero can be a huge jerk, there's a lot of violence aimed at the heroine (not perpetrated by the hero), and colonialism isn't addressed at all, but it's very much an old-school sweeping epic drama.

  18. Jo Beverlys “Malloren” series sounds positively delightful and gives me some Georgette Heyers “Corinthian” vibes. It’s definitely going to be something I readings

  19. I think there should be a club for older millennial and gen-x women who had their minds blown by VC Andrews books (and who were probably reading them at an age that the books were totally inappropriate for).

  20. Omg you poor thing. My Sweet Audrina shouldn’t be read by anyone at all, let alone a 7th grader. As. 7th grader picking that book up, I couldn’t imagine myself having the will to set it down unread.

  21. I found Scarlett O’Hara fascinating and enjoyed the read, but I didn’t admire her haha I also wasn’t 16 when I read it though

  22. Yes! I’ve actually been trying to start this series from the beginning but can’t get my hands on an English translation from book one at my library or an English audiobook version anywhere. Glad you recommended this though, as it perfectly embodies what I’m looking for

  23. Woof. Well, that depends a lot on what you enjoy as a subject. I really like the Kutherian Gambit graphic audios. The books aren’t something I’d normally spend my time on, but the GAs made it fun.

  24. Animal Farm was very short and since all the characters are talking animals, holds appeal to both children younger than your son and much older.

  25. I feel you in this. It’s a rocky road. I’ve been enjoying classics but have had to fastidiously ignore everything to do with American Historical Fiction because I just won’t enjoy it.

  26. The Powder Mage would be a perfect fantasy action series. This might sound weird but I can imagine Sam Esmail doing it since it does have pretty jarring moments that might work with a jump-cutting head fuck

  27. Powder Mage was really good and I don’t like military fiction for the most part. Eventually the military centric writing overpowered my desire to find out what would happen mid-series, but a TV adaptation would be SO GOOD and I’d love to watch it.

  28. Video games are great for escapism in the sense that time disappears alarmingly fast and I can rarely account for it. But not necessarily in the way that books and shows take me away with new experiences and ideas. So games and books/shows are very different in my opinion, and it depends.

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