1. The only way to be absolutely 100% sure dabs are safe to smoke is to make it yourself or buy from a trusted dispensary.

  2. Bm trash waste of money and it's not about it not being rosin it's shitty bm diamonds w no sauce I'll stay with the dispo

  3. Wow, someone never learnt how extracts work or how to use a freezer I guess 🤷‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️….

  4. This is the 2nd time I’ve seen & had a chance to try ELXR concentrate. First time was 6ish months ago; ‘Crescendo’ diamonds & sauce if I remember correct. I’d describe that concentrate as bland. Okay effect, not much taste or flavor, but not bad.

  5. My god i feel terrible for you seriously this has got to be recalled or something i Wouldn't even call that wax its literary pop soup i dont understand who there selling it it must be because you think o elixir is made with galanas it Should be good looks like someone made this in there basement definitely not medicine

  6. Thank you so much for posting this i almost wasted my money im kinda in disbelief how bad that stuff looks im definitely not risking it sorry you had to experience that id be upset forsure i knew the price was to good to be true i had seen blubbery cookie wax 1.68 for 70 regular price and thought this may be the case i usally only buy mainly live resin for this reason

  7. Lol I was searching for this comment, Now look how beta glass labs disappeared after the rumors of them being a scam. Quick google search shows their offices are now closed and they even deleted their Instagram. Nice packaging doesn’t mean anything… Mr “you should do your homework”. Clearly you were surprised by the quality of China glass which is in fact amazing currently.

  8. Quess 420 science there lying about this also because they actually explain everything try the video

  9. Whatever I'm overwhelmed by your evidence to back that up also I honestly don't care if there Chinese there good rigs but you would know that you know everything about them 😆 and have never owned one or used one but you know I mean I must admit defeat 😂

  10. Same, never got the right research. Did hatch one during the event but that didn’t count of course

  11. Same thing with me I went through almost fifty different researches and nothing it honestly pd me off

  12. Dude have you seen Invictas new watches there's actually making watches just like the 1953 in different versions they really look nice check um out I'm super impressed

  13. Me too I actually really like that side of Invicta I really Whis they would make more watches in this style I just hate those big gotty things they make

  14. that's what I'm saying. it's a style. I love it though. so so so much.

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