1. Yup was told it’s only given out at their discretion and not when we ask for any type of compensation… no longer Customer First Business.

  2. Yea thats bs, I chatted with them and they said bonus money is given at their discretion only..I’ve lost plenty recently and no bonus. Deposit bonuses are not worth it with the Rollover smh.

  3. I’ve gotten 2 checks already and both Deposited into my US Bank account no issues., they won’t cash it but can be deposited. Money into my account Same Day .

  4. I’ve gotten a check it was Canadian, Cashed with no issue as long as you have a bank account. US Bank accepts International checks

  5. I'd suggest crypto, specifically Bitcoin Cash or Litecoin. Best practice is to withdraw to an intermediary wallet such as Coinomi, Exodus, or key wallet only). You can withdraw to your the intermediary wallet first, and then send the crypto to Coinbase or any other exchange you connect to your bank account.

  6. I talked with a live agent and got $20 added to my account lol Based on tiers but I’ll take it 🤙🏼

  7. I don't have a US Bank account. Can I just walk into US Bank at Safeway and cash it or do I need to open an account first?

  8. You won’t be able to cash the check without an account since it’s an international check. It has to be deposited into an account which some funds might be held then released a day or two later.

  9. I figured, I am opening a checking account with them now. Did you deposit through atm or did you have to go inside the bank?

  10. I had them Open the account with that check so I wouldn’t have further issues depositing them in the future. I am able to deposit thru atm and mobile app after a month.

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