Literally shaking rn! One of my good friends asked for a favor. If her sis in law could stay in my guest room in Miami for her BBL appt… BIG REGRET!

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  1. So I knew nothing about Myra, but since seeing this post have been perusing it and OMG, the balls of this person to flat-out INVENT things to suit her narrative… wow.

  2. I think the only brides who weren’t of Spencer blood that wore the tiara were the ones who were marrying either the Earl Spencer or the Viscount Althorp. I don’t believe Charles, Jane or Sarah would have offered her the Spencer tiara to wear for her wedding.

  3. I think the only brides who weren’t of Spencer blood that wore the tiara were the ones who were marrying either the Earl Spencer or the Viscount Althorp. I don’t believe Charles, Jane or Sarah would have offered her the Spencer tiara to wear for her wedding.

  4. I think the only brides who weren’t of Spencer blood that wore the tiara were the ones who were marrying either the Earl Spencer or the Viscount Althorp. I don’t believe Charles, Jane or Sarah would have offered her the Spencer tiara to wear for her wedding.

  5. Everyday! My girls are crazy and their zoomies are intense even the 13 yr old girl gets going.

  6. YTA. First of all it’s not your brother’s fault that your parents gave him “better opportunities” than you, they did that not him as he was a child. Second just because someone is an adult doesn’t mean they can’t ask for help. Sometimes people need help because there is no alternative for to circumstances. I’d rather my sibling come stay with me if they were having a problem with their SO instead of staying and the situation getting worse. I’ve had several dinners with my brother in law bc he stayed with me and he came to take me out to supper when my husband was in the hospital for a couple weeks. If my husband and my sister went out to supper together or he told one of my siblings they could stay at our house I’d respect the decision he had made. You’re teaching your children that other people don’t matter, it’s ok to disrespect the decision your wife made, it’s ok to be hateful because you’re jealous of something that was out of the other persons control and to never ask you for help no matter what the problem is.

  7. This is what happens when ignorant people "learn" history from Instagram and Tik Tok.

  8. That Mattafact on tictoc fancies herself as a royal historian but all she does is bash The Royal Family to no end. She thinks she’s being cute and funny when she does it but comes off as super hateful.

  9. Definitely Uvalde. The times you see her dipping in front of someone (usually Harry) to get to someone she thinks can be her lift to the next level pisses me off. The Royal generally goes first while the one who married in is next. She never respected anyone who was above her in family especially with the fake smiles, glares from behind and tense faces she makes.

  10. Holy cow! I saved this so I can read it all the way thru soon since I’m super tired from being on my feet all day. From what I’ve read so far you’ve put a lot of hard work into your research. Very interesting!

  11. blush. I’m flattered. Really do take time to digest it and click into the links.

  12. I clicked and read thru a couple of them. After we finish at our restaurant for Sunday lunch and I’m home all comfy I’m going to be jumping right into it.

  13. Last time we were at our Walmart the people in the front of the line kept asking the cashier why she was denying their cards. All of their cards like EBT and a few different debit cards. They went bonkers on her. They finally just walked away cussing like crazy. The next lady got mad because she wanted to go back and get more stuff but didn’t want to take her cart. She told the cashier to shut the line down so she could go get what she forgot and open it back up when she was ready. The poor cashier was almost in tears when we got to her and thankfully her manager told her to take a break after us.

  14. My best friend did an induced menopause to help with her endo symptoms in her 20s. She stopped those drugs and got pregnant after a year. So I think normally, they can be reversible, but probably not at 53

  15. Ugh I have stage 3 endo and have had temporary menopause by Zoladex a few times. Last time I had it was just over 5 years ago before we went to New Orleans to get married. We were there at the end of September so it wasn’t super hot but I’d get those crazy hot flashes even sitting in an air conditioned restaurant. Unfortunately I still had pain and cramps then after only a month or so my body decided it didn’t want menopause and back to bleeding I went.

  16. Babies died of SIDS before vaccines were available. Some deaths were obviously illness but so many were SIDS unfortunately they just didn’t know what it was. Some died from co-sleeping which was common in the 1800s but others died from undetermined reasons which is considered SIDS unless an illness was known.

  17. My Jack Russell can’t have red dye. She’s allergic to it. Poor girl starts puking and itching all over. She can only have certain food and treats. There was a young guy (he has Asperger’s) who would come into the bowling alley we had and her couldn’t have red dye because it would put him into extra hyper mode. He got a red Gatorade one time and it was chaos. He was talking so fast you couldn’t understand him at all.

  18. In biggest city closest to me there is a guy that does this at Quiktrip. He’s tried this with us several times and says no no no I need the money. He tries every single person who walks by him.

  19. Those people who work at McDonald’s are the same ones who hand her her kids Happy Meals when she doesn’t want to cook or they won’t stop whining about wanting McDonald’s and driving her crazy.

  20. I didn’t even realize that there are an incredible amount of run on sentences because I had the “WTAF” look on my face that the bunny from The Secret Life of Pets has the entire time I read this. I took her saying not remembering signing things or telling people things as a bit of sarcasm that a lot of people use in weird situations.

  21. As someone who has worn glasses since kindergarten and have buying my own glasses since I turned 21 this makes me so mad that people think they are entitled to certain things. Your boss is amazing for doing this but it’s heartbreaking that some of them aren’t grateful and demand more and better.

  22. I’m mean those are super cute (pretty sure my girls would be pissed off tho if had them running around in the bandana since 3 out of 5 of them really dislike doggie coats) I couldn’t imagine sending something like that to my mom. She’s a Disney Store shopper but if you tell her you want Mickey especially like this you’re gonna get Pete or Jafar. I get my petty from her 😂

  23. This is for a Brazilian butt lift?!? I don’t want to live in this world anymore…

  24. YTA. Being a parent especially to an infant and also a child that has had some sort of traumatic experience means you do not always get your 8 hours of sleep. You chose to get married to a woman who already had a child and you chose to have a baby. Get up, feed your baby, burp the baby, change the baby and settle the baby back down to sleep then you can go back to sleep for a while. I get that waking up several times a night sucks but you’re married and that makes you a team so stop being an Ass when your wife is comforting one child and do your dad duty with the baby. I’d have left too.

  25. Ok I’m weighing in as a veterinarian, wtf?? Baby goats are saved all the time without whipping any human tits out. If your baby goat is that close to death,rub maple syrup/corn syrup/Karo syrup on its gums then milk out mama goat and bottle feed it that milk. Human colostrum is going to do fuck all for a baby goat. The crossover protection just won’t be there. They also sell goat milk replacer in any farm store. This is just stupid and a great way to give your orphan goat diarrhea. Also, why???

  26. Yep unfortunately it’s gonna be rent free I. My head too for a while. I hope she sanitized her boobs after this. I love goats but I’d never let one nurse from me.

  27. I’ve been in some babywearing groups where members insist that it’s impossible to hurt the baby while babywearing because our motherly bodies are hardwired to not fall on them. It’s so dumb. My body is hardwired to want to not die, but that doesn’t mean it can automatically avoid tripping, falling or getting hit by cars. MoThErHoOd isn’t a magic armour.

  28. Even if we were “hardwired” not to fall on them it doesn’t mean anything if you’re walking with your baby strapped to you and a piano falls from the 9th floor window. These people are getting crazier with each post.

  29. Lmao Boyfriend actually got a request from someone in Ohio. That’s why I put it there.

  30. Not from Michigan but I’m a huge Wolverines fan and if someone from Ohio had asked my husband to halfway from where we live in Missouri I’d have said that too.

  31. Does anyone recall seeing n-word in posts about her? The shark tank one sound legit though.

  32. I can’t remember then handle name but there is one that I’ve seen that throws that word out there in almost every tweet about M. The tweets are absolutely vulgar even with out the n-word and just brings it to the next level when they use it. I’ve reported the user before for posting very obvious photoshopped nude photos of M. They have also reposted the photoshopped photos of Catherine that have been reported. They just kept showing up in my feed and I wasn’t following them but every single tweet was inappropriate.

  33. I follow accounts like Auschwitz, Majdanek, other Holocaust memorials and museums as well as the STL Zoo and lots of museums and historical sites. I do try to ignore and block toxic people on there especially in the Sugary Sus Squad shows up in my feed. The Royal Collection always has interesting posts and links.

  34. My pups give me very dirty looks when I bust up laughing bc of this sub. I absolutely deserved the look I got from them bc of this.

  35. My pups give me very dirty looks when I bust up laughing bc of this sub. I absolutely deserved the look I got from them bc of this.

  36. So cute! My girls look like photos 2&9 a lot of the time, they just gotta show of the teefers.

  37. Here’s a great blog post about how it might have worked.

  38. I hate that I felt the need to open that (curiosity gets the better of you so you kinda have to) but Hot Damn that was funny.

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