1. Grabbed the NL smalls on my 2nd.oz love the throwback hashy taste the beach wedding strain is very good also Firelands is stepping up with some good deals 👌

  2. Picked up oz Northern lights and a half of Beach wedding also a qush 12 live rosin dablicator all 30%off at the Landing it's great to have more options.

  3. Big fan of this strain on my second oz. It reminds me of the old hash we used to get taste and effects wise.

  4. I just grabbed a half Oz of Chem Fuego from BR for like $76… ?

  5. When I saw BR stop discounting the flower I started shopping around for alternatives. I'm a fan of the strains I've tried most of theirs, but not being steered to particular products the flower was discounted with everything else originally.

  6. 100% true they reeled us in and now don't discount their own flower, only the processed products. I've switched over to firelands and The Landing for now oz of NorthernLights smalls 147 and 67 for halves bought some superflux recently also on sale I swear by buckeye relief but I can shop around for a deal.

  7. I can say tally mon is good and fruity tasting,Northern lights is great and tastes like hash, beach wedding is good also haven't been disappointed with anything from them yet.

  8. That looks killer !!! Watch ppl say it’s moldy . Lmao ! A lot don’t really kno about flower in this program . There was a photo other day that was Klutch maybe. ? They all shredded the person sayin that’s moldy, well that strain that was in that specific picture and post actually looks that way . Ppl don’t get it and I don’t expect them too

  9. My post was pb crunch by superflux I pulled the post no sense arguing with people who can't see trichomes when they are that dense.They blanketed the buds lol.

  10. Visited the Landing to get some Northern lights oz for 147 also got a half of cake crasher for 67 and a qush 12 dablicator for 46.The Northern lights is great IMO. 30% off till the end of the month.

  11. I only shop sales pb crunch,gelato zkittles cake,grapefruit sour dream, 92 cookies,strawberry cheesecake,nyc flo,triple chocolate chip, cake crasher,and just got a oz of NorthernLights and my first dablicator I only buy halves or bigger and keep way to much in rotation I'm sure I missed 1 or 2 and I'm shopping different providers lately.

  12. Cokoh honey is my favorite honey, just tried my first tincture and 45 min in it might give the honey 2nd place it seems to hit quicker on less milligrams time will tell.

  13. Amplify is about an hour for me each way and do it to get buckeye relief flower try to make it worth the trip when I go.Bloom is closer but doesn't have the same deals or availability.

  14. You had my interest until final review. I can't justify the cost on these higher end tenths even on "sale" it seems that there's more budget friendly options.

  15. Ran into the days issue on cokoh feco oil the half gram was labeled edible their full gram for vaporization so watch the days.

  16. Honey and rso are the way to go as far as cost effective. I usually get them on sale.

  17. One of their best always good,the first time I tried it the smell,taste, and potency blew me away.

  18. Website mentions 35%off on all firelands all month long Its about 40 minutes drive I'll be checking them out .

  19. If you can live with a few sugar leaves it is a good deal. I have gotten tally mon,northern lights and fruitopia rough cut that were all on point.

  20. Looking good 👍 I did the same and threw in a couple of other deals I got on firelands and a trip to NY.Buy it on sale and put it away,soon your choices will add up.

  21. I only buy B R lately I keep coming back for a reason it's that good,anything I've tried has yet to disappoint me for the money. I'm not a big sativa fan but they've made me a believer there also.

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