1. kief bucket on sale is solid, otherwise, yup. and old style hash is awesome, just not worth asking. the ancient roots hash coin was solid the 1st time, then returned at higher price for less, lame.

  2. Picked up some good bubble hash passing thru NY at 15 per gram rec. On tribal land no taxes

  3. I would love some reasonably priced hash, old school and don't have any time to want to monkey with a dab so let's get some of both .

  4. N E ohio be aware that NY tribal dispensaries are 2 hours away prices vary greatly from one to the next but it beats driving across the state.No taxes on top of that.

  5. Rso over 100mg gummies for 25$ any day when your tolerance builds and it does, you will look for more cost effective edibles.I vape use edibles rso,feco oil I really enjoy a cup of tea with honey when it's on sale.

  6. RSO for pain..took me almost 3 yrs in the program before I finally found RSO. Hands down no questions asked by far the best pain relief from cannabis. I've had some strains that help w the pain..none that completely melt it away like rso does.

  7. I am also a frequent user of rso and feco it is one of the best options for pain at a decent? price point.Thanks

  8. Many patients report that only certain strains work well for their pain management … Sounds like whatever strain you tried in NY is one that really works for you

  9. This was pain relief that I haven't had in program the terpenes weren't listed,but the aroma was pungent unlike anything I've tried here, thc listed 23% which makes me wonder is that top shelf that much better than what we have available.I have severe degenerative arthritis in my shoulder and was surprised at the difference it made.

  10. This program has it's priorities screwed up a ton of packaging gimmicks and no breaks on pricing.I don't need a commemorative tin to put a half oz in how about giving me the other half for the same price.

  11. For me Blackjack is the first one I tried in program, something about it induced an edginess and anger issue with me. Other sativas I've tried didn't have that effect so for me it's a no go.

  12. Cresco pineapple flower turns me into a bad mood asshole. Really weird.

  13. I had a half of that no issues for me I really think it's very subjective person to person.

  14. Stir it up good and put it in a warm drink, mine is like this more often than not when I get it .

  15. Have yet to be disappointed with BR flower the last couple strains I tried were straight 🔥.

  16. Yeah I know posted a pic of Superflux P B crunch a couple weeks ago frosted in trichomes and got a half dozen comments about that being mold.Best darn mold I ever vaped lol 😆 don't really care about mold in honey or opinions that add up to hear say.If your not handling the product you don't know I been through at least 6 jars of this and I'm very happy with it also it's my money.

  17. Been smoking street weed since 45 dollars would get a quarter pound so I could have possibly hit a moldy bud or 2 in the past 50 years.But thanks for sharing 👍

  18. Possibly the best flower I ever had.I am 65 and love the effects on this, for high thc which I usually don't prefer something about this batch is spot on.Buckeye Relief great job.Very smooth on the inhale and exhale pungent but creamy garlic smell.4 or 5 hits and your mind relaxes instantly followed by body relaxation and long lasting effects.These were smalls but nice size nugs 115 at amplify.

  19. I tried most and the Cokoh feco oil is a good deal imo just picked up one .842 for 42 bucks on sale.Make sure to get this size as the smaller one is labeled edible and uses more days.The larger one is labeled for vaporization only 1 day.

  20. Just got another 1/2 each of lemon dosido and garlic breath 2.0 smalls the latter clocked in at 33%and I believe it. Definitely a good smooth strain no harshness and knock you down strength.One of the few high level strains I really like.

  21. Best to keep opening and burping the jar every couple days and minimize light exposure

  22. Why exactly is regular opening helpful? From everything I've read you should be minimizing exposure to air. And what the hell is burping the jar 😂

  23. First reason for regular opening is access to contents lol. Second I found a little air exchange " burping" keeps it less stale.Just my process it works for me as opposed to keeping it permanently sealed until I need that certain strain.

  24. This is fire have some posted a pic.afew weeks ago so many white trichomes on it people were saying that it was mold. As a long time smoker 40+years I just took a couple draws and deleted the post and laughed.The gelato zkittles cake is as good maybe even better got the halfs on sale.

  25. An article about the founder of buckeye relief was published by the scene or cleveland magazine don't remember which and gave some great insights into what his motivation was for starting up. Profits aside he seemed to have genuine interest in helping people find good medicine. They are doing well in my opinion.

  26. Honey, tincture, rso and feco are the only ones I can afford now that my tolerance has increased and still only on sale prices. You can get 550 to 650 mg for about 40 bucks

  27. Go online get approved by a doctor,pay for approval then pay state fee for card.Once you have card fill out dispensary paperwork necessary for first visit to that dispensary. Then only shop sales days last part is a joke. Buying tenths is expensive I stick to halves or ounces and smalls are even better.

  28. Personal experience for me my tolerance is high, Buckeye relief nyc flo makes me stupid 🙃 in a great way 2nd I just got a half of superflux gelato zkittles cake and it has somewhat the same effects along with a very "trippy" type high.Tally mon is also a pick for me but as we all know it is very subjective.

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