1. Just picked up Northern lights from firelands 28% it reminds me of old school hash the taste and effects are something that I missed.

  2. In one word potent,I just picked up my 2nd purchase,they changed the labeling from vaporization on the 1st to edible now it uses 3x the points.A dose the size of a grain of rice is pretty effective. I would still purchase, it's a bargain on sale usually get it 30%off.

  3. DaVinci micro is a cheap entry-level vape worst thing is battery life and cleaning.I use mine infrequently but it gives pretty good results.The high from vaping is lighter and less intense than from smoking but you can really taste your weed.

  4. I sometimes pre-order before they open I'm up early and it always seems to work. I've seen items pulled off online inventory and wondered if my order would be there so far no issues.This is at Bloom Painesville

  5. As a patient or a consumer I feel that if it is used on any product we have the right to disclosure at point of purchase.

  6. An employee of Firelands posted something yesterday, about their flower being moldy. They were using radiation on it before inspection. Can't find the post now, but they were using it in the once and half ounce quantities! It was a troubling post to say the least. Hopefully your stuff is good πŸ‘πŸΌ

  7. Yes saw that after the purchase of course, all I can go by is looks, smell I've had oz of the tally mon I liked before and so far this seems top notch also.

  8. I like my indicas some sativas don't work for me Irritated and anxious on Blackjack in particular. Lemon dosi,Garlic breath and lately Northern lights all get a thumbs up from me.

  9. Cokoh has been better than pure for me I won't buy p o any more.Buckeye relief on sale is hard to beat.

  10. Can't go wrong with buckeye relief flower have really enjoyed the garlic breath 2.0 and the lemon dosido.They are pretty good deals on sale.I wait for sales and shop then.Edibles are ridiculously expensive I get the feco /rso oil. Only 1 day per 600mg thc. I learned the hard way on most purchases.

  11. Tried the cokoh feco and it seemed pretty potent to me. On sale paid 42$.Hard to dose with the syringe not very easy to read.

  12. I hit bloom painesville the other day br 30% off sale pre ordered.They were very busy but the line was moving. Timed it In and out in 15 min,beats waiting in some dudes sketchy basement apartment for hours waiting for whatever he brought back "stems and seeds "mostly like we did 40 years ago.

  13. Keep coming back to this some of the best taste +effects I've had A+ in my opinion πŸ˜‹

  14. Cokoh honey I catch it on sale for 28 dollars 4 oz 600mg thc. Very relaxing effects for the cost per dose.I tried gummies and candy but this is my go to now.

  15. Rso is the only way to go for an edible or for chronic pain..absolutely love Revel Rso.. if you scan Qr most likely will come in at a higher thc content than what is on the label..personally have had some thay come in just under 800 mgs.. and in Ohio for 1 day.. $40 at my local far best priced rso in the program..second closest would be Standard Farms with the 2:1 for $40 as well..rso for the win..all day..everyday

  16. The advantage is the ability to use 1 point for 600mg thc.Cokoh honey 600mg and uses 5 points oil is great if your counting points.

  17. Tried the feco oil and has good effect but hard to dose accurately. So far I found that the honey is easier for me.

  18. I tried the regular garlic breath 2.0 and it was great.How much better does freeze drying make it?

  19. Stir it well,part way through a jar of Cokoh now lemon flavored and it's killer for relaxation a teaspoon seems to be about right for me.One of the best purchases I've made.600 mg thc for 29$ on sale, I will buy it again.

  20. First purchase in the program was Blackjack and that was my last BE purchased. Was not impressed dry tasteless. Trying different growers I found BR to be very consistent and affordable

  21. Buckeye relief scores another one with their Garlic Breath 2.0 great taste and effects super dank dense buds what's not to like and great price on sale.

  22. Honey,600 mg thc Cokoh 4.oz jar seems easy-to-use and easy on the digestive system tastes good and very relaxing 😌 effects, at a price I had to try it out now I'm a believer 29 dollars a jar on sale.

  23. Lemon dosido and garlic breath 2.0, by buckeye relief tally mon firelands.Some good 🌼

  24. A teaspoon seems to be about right for me,the spoon it comes with is awkward to use.Will definitely buy again with cold weather it would be great in tea.

  25. No pictures picked up a 4.oz jar of Cokoh honey 600mg thc, 29 dollars.On sale at Bloom ,At 35 mg. Per dose it works out to about 1dollar 70 cents .Beats 30$ per 100mg gummies and effects were very relaxing 😌 Always easier to relax when you saved a few bucks.5 points used but worth it

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