1. Arizona is nice because land is cheap but I would not recommend coming here unless you have the money for the rare places with a water source right on or very close to your property. Drought conditions here and in most of the Southwest are projected to only get worse due to climate change.

  2. No it doesn't get better but you can learn how to deal with it better it just takes time and trial and error

  3. Often feel like I'm in a dream I just can't wake from

  4. Went into Walmart after the virus news first broke and the store was completely cleaned out of almost everything.

  5. You're still dreaming dude. You might not remember them as well as if you are sober but no weed doesn't stop you from having r..e.m. sleep

  6. Often different companies will have promotions that if you switch to them and sign up for 2 years of service you can get a phone around that price or even more for free. I got IPhone 11s for my kids this way.

  7. Surely you can belong to the 20%. Lifestyle has a lot of influence on this illness. Many of the people who relapse live in unhealthy conditions. Poor diet, use of certain drugs, irregular sleeping patterns, a lot of stress in their personal or working environment, lack of adequate medical support are factors that influence psychosis. If you have a good therapist and try to live a life that's fitting and healthy for you, your chances are much better. Also there are new therapies and medications coming that will help more people to stay symptom free forever.

  8. I second this post there are a lot of things that you have stated that we have control over once we are out of psychosis and doing ok again. I relapsed last year pretty hard with drugs and it sent me into a manic psychosis. This was after 9 years without a psych hospital visit. I'd just focus on taking care of yourself and try to relax because stress is also a huge factor in what makes us symptomatic.

  9. Oh hey I meant to tell you I totally get when you said it felt like your brain was on fire. I remember one in my early 20s I was walking home from this day treatment clinic my probation officer made me attend and my psychosis was so bad it felt like my brain was vibrating inside my skull. It was so bad it made me dizzy and I was having trouble walking in a straight line even though I was sober. Anyway ya man schizophrenia is a Mother Clucker lol

  10. Been there it sucks donkey dinky for sure

  11. I believe it's a spiritual and the voices are my own personal demons manifested into something I can hear.

  12. Sort of. I have a wife and kids but when they are at work and school I'm alone. And I don't really go out if I don't have to. I pretty much don't like anyone outside of my family so why leave the house my stuff is here lol

  13. She says they employ a lot of people. I think a free daycare at work would be smarter and she could help more than just one of her employees for probably the same cost.

  14. I had same symptoms and starting taking betaine hcl with my meals 3 times a day and it made a huge difference.

  15. All I know is I've never taken cough syrup to get high but I took a fair amount for a few days a couple weeks ago and I was completely fucked up. It totally felt like I was tripping for a few hours every time I took some.

  16. It sounds like they just don't smoke very often and when they do they are too stoned to remember to drink water. Amateur hour lol

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