1. Who tf is making this game dawg

  2. The same guys, but the fetish profit is evolving

  3. Makoto, Ibuki and Elena all walked so Juri could run. Show respect to the OG barefoot trio.

  4. Run? she would do the Tokyo Fashion Special all by herself if it were for most of her fans


  6. A good meal and a full heal! You have a great mum!

  7. Imagine if everytime she needs something, she screams to OP "Riiiooooo Heeeeelp!"

  8. Well, you know the feeling of doing half of Raccoon streets on ps1 RE3 and finally getting into the trolley but you face Nem inside without proper resources? Simple mistake: just reload before it, right?

  9. Thanks for your observation, I recently started creating characters, so I still have a lot to learn, I will consider it in my next projects :)

  10. Well, your girl looks really pretty. Nice to read you admitting you're yet to peak. Godspeed

  11. You just saw the world thru the Devil's eyes in a flash, huh

  12. Jin may just be able to pull a "Nothin' stronger than family" and beat Kaz's ass with Jun's blessing

  13. Not surprising although Cyberpunk was apparently pretty good (and definitely beautiful) but Arcane really went beyond being a good video game adaptation and went all the way up to being one of the best series I've ever seen.

  14. Odd take, but Arcane is everything animation was supposed to be beyond the kid-friendly and family-friendly standard

  15. Imagine Nolan directing it, and Vi assembles a team to raid Jinx's dreams and convince her that she can be wrong and it's fine to be so, things will be alright and there's a tomorrow for the 2 of them

  16. Can Viktor play the flawed and goodhearted mafia boy?

  17. If Arcane does win, it will confirm something that was heavily suspected: Vi stands for Viral, and she's in even more hearts than expected

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