1. If we are on the topic of bass tabs, I have been learning a lot of my favourite lines boz did with kc, which is the hardest one in you guy’s opinion?

  2. I know he was not in the group for too long but we need boz burrell

  3. Someone told be that cabs are the only good option

  4. fa9 says:

    strange, did they have a valid reason or justification?

  5. Probably the because they think bigger is more professional… something dumb like that

  6. I swear to god if the posters return to plague this sub

  7. John mcvie, sting, Jack Bruce…. I can’t choose

  8. That’s what I thought, I just did not know if it only did super heavy distortion or just lighter fuzz to add depth to the tone.

  9. Are you enjoying the sound you get from the Rumble 40 and just need more oomph?

  10. You could get a Rumble 500 new for about $880 cad. But I imagine you could find an 800 used for about the same.

  11. The power amp is just sheer watts. it's not specific to bass. It could be used to power a PA system or the stage monitors. It is a completely uncolored sound booster. A bass amp is going to have an EQ designed to be used on bass guitar.

  12. Shit I thought this said vocal line my bad, I’ll have to say Sailor’s Tale for best bassline.

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