1. Do you have any issues that you took it to the shop for? I’d expect to have some play in the wheel or vibrations/handling issues if the bushings had failed. If this was just “incidental” to what you took it in for, I’d be questioning it, and depending on the car, that price seems pretty high for a job that usually takes a few hours. I 100% would not let them do this work either way. If you have any doubt about it, take it to an independent shop, they probably won’t even charge you anything to take a quick look at it, but even if they do it’ll be cheap and worth the 2nd look.

  2. we (pepboy) charge insane amounts for all suspension work. the labor isn't too high but we mark up the parts like it's going out of style. suspension work rarely sells so i just recommend anything that looks kinda messed up. they usually decline anyways. if they buy something it's cool for me. i can usually beat the labor times

  3. If you like saying "why in the fuck would they design this that way" and banging your head repeatedly on your toolbox, then work at ford.

  4. My goto is "WHO THE FUCK DESIGNED THIS SHIT! FUCKING RETARDS!" pretty much anytime i work on a ford

  5. As a 15 year shop owner, I have helped several customers in situations like this, payment plans don’t work, they never ever follow through and then it’s a hassle to go looking for them. And in other cases when out the goodness of your heart you help them and work at a loss, they will thank you at the time and a month later come into your shop with the famous “since you worked on my car….” And expect more shit for free. If they really can’t afford it, my suggestion is cut your loses right there tell them to take the vehicle elsewhere and move onto the next where you’ll make money.

  6. My dad (shop owner) has told me that there are credit programs that customers can use to help them pay for stuff like this. i don't know the specifics or how good credit you need to get it. It seems like something that's a good option to have on the counter for those very situations

  7. I am not asking for a day off, I am telling you I need a day off. Thank you

  8. i just tell them i won't be there. "need a day off" is a justification or explanation. i never give them that.

  9. that's cool for all the fools that REQUEST time off. i just let them know i won't be available on such-and-such day.

  10. Torque sticks are a much better option but like you said, you need to try them with your gun.

  11. Torque sticks are a tool that has to be used correctly and can't fix stupid. If I use them on any of my guns set to max it'll go about double what they're rated for. I can get lugs about 1/4 to 1/2 a turn under spec with my gun without using a torque stick and then follow up with the torque wrench to get it where it needs to be. My idiot boss doesn't even understand how torque sticks work and he's like "UsE tHe ToRqUe StIcK eVeRyTiMe".

  12. So I thought he was saying our store was the top 4 in the region. Then I realized he only messaged 4 of us in the group chat. Myself, the AsstManager, a fellow Tech, and a lube tech. Us 4 guys were the top 4 individuals in the entire region for not clocking out for a lunch. And I don't mean we just skip lunch and power thru like a bunch of lames. Nah, we take as long as we feel like for lunch and we just don't clock out. I suggested we have plaques made to commemorate our acheivments. And we later asked the boss to tell us who was 1 2 3 and 4. I was number 1! NICE! haha

  13. What i like to do is clock out at a reasonable time and keep working, clock back in, then go to lunch and take as long as I need.

  14. I do that some times. and i've been doing that more often lately.

  15. You are on a path to take her job or be her boss and she knows it. So she's trying to keep you down.

  16. Unlimited PTO functions precisely the way it insidiously sounds—the opposite, meaning as little as they can get away with giving you. The word "unlimited" functions in the same manner as Ministry of Peace really meaning Ministry of War. In other words, paid time off will be especially scrutinized, limited, and open up a war of all against all among employees to take the least time off to impress the powers that be the most. Come one, come all: compete to see who can leave the latest, work the longest, and take the fewest personal hours.

  17. haha. that's stupid. i'd just make sure to take 1 day less than whomever was taking the MOST. but at least as much as i feel i deserve

  18. i know everyone loves the G2s but i always prefer the roller magnus. when i was in charge of such things, i'd get G2s for everyone else and get myself a few box of magnus'

  19. Too much apologizing on your part. They straight up treated you like shit. You have every right to be blunt and you can keep it professional without saying sorry.

  20. My dad was told the day before my wedding that they had mandatory overtime! When he said he couldn't because he had to be there to give me away they said if you don't come in tomorrow don't come back Monday! So he missed my wedding.

  21. I worked in a place that refused to let one of our coworkers take his sons birthday off (a Saturday that he had requested a week prior) and threatened him with a write up if he didn’t show up for work. He proceeded to quit on the spot and no one was able to cover the shift so they were still down someone for that Saturday and it took almost a month to hire a replacement for him. And all they had to do was let him off the day he requested.

  22. That's why you don't REQUEST time off. You simply inform then of days you will not be available.

  23. Helps it survive the changes in pressure... I just made that up

  24. Click power button on phone. Swipe up on Camera icon. Press Huge red button. None of that requires somebody to actually look at their phone. If it does, there’s special classes for people like that!

  25. I can get the camera by double clicking the power button.

  26. I would get involved, as a customer, because these no-lives will be next to break into my vehicle or garage because they haven't met the idea of consequences yet.

  27. Haha. No. They will still break into your house especially since they weren't able to steal from the company

  28. As long as they aren't in Canada, they may meet their god of choice earlier than expected.

  29. I've explained this before. People who steal from houses try to make sure the house is empty before they break in. I've met these people they want to avoid a home invasion charge or meeting their god.

  30. If you have 4 wheel drive turn right and give it some throttle to regain traction then brake lightly until you hit the intersection, then turn and give it some more throttle

  31. this comment almost killed me. i had just swallowed my drink but if i hadn't i for sure would have spit it out involuntarily.

  32. I mean that's what it is. 90% of people would rather be doing something else. So it's basically just lies about how much you want it. Stuff they wanna hear.

  33. would be hilarious to really write it like a narrative fan fic with lots of weird furry sex or whatever is in fan-fic idk i'm not the fan-fic police

  34. What airline has round trip tickets to Europe for $800?

  35. I haven't checked airline prices in like 8 years it just seems really cheap. I flew round trip okinawa-san Diego back in 2007 and it was like $800.

  36. i don't think you know what a LINE is being as how i dont see any lines in that video of you just randomly moving the camera, would it kill you to just point to the thing? i see a parking brake CABLE, and i see struts. what are we talking about here?

  37. I know the recommendation is to replace if below 1/4". Is that just to make sure they don't wear to nothing before the next service interval? Or is there some function loss when to pad is too thin?

  38. i've never heard of replacing at quarter inch. that's a bit crazy. we are mutha-fukin scammers and we recommend replacement at 4/32 aka 1/8. half what you are saying and that's still quite a bit. most manufacturer specs are like 1mm.

  39. I too use it on lugs. Peers hate A-S on lugs because it gets on everything. But not once have they had to use “Thor”, our sledge hammer, to remove a wheel with A-S on it.

  40. i guess that makes sense in rust belt. i'm in so cal and the rare times i take off lugs with AS it makes me want to sacrifice a lube tech to lions.

  41. I would find a new mechanic. Like others say, luxury car equals expensive maintenance. Normal cars don't require rotors being replaced every brake service. My Camry has original rotors with 200k miles. OEM parts are expensive and marked up.

  42. the spec for rotor is usually like 31mm new, 28mm discard. modern cars aren't really designed to have the rotors cut still work as good as new

  43. It takes 15 seconds to replace an air filter and they cost $10. You got ripped just on thr filters

  44. yeah i'd like to see that on a nissan that has about 8 recessed screws that have to be removed to get the glove box out.

  45. if your shit is done and you left it there more than 10 minutes i'm moving it. if i leave my shit there and it finished 1 minute ago, feel free to move my stuff. just don't put anyones clothes somewhere dirty and it's fine.

  46. The question was about THIS specific instance and it didn't happen in any lane it happened in 1/2 lane. Not saying for sure moving over would have prevented it. I'm saying it might have and moving away from potentially dangerous situations is never a bad idea

  47. It would require a certain amount of psychic ability. There were between 5 and 8 seconds notice there was an issue and change lanes. Ultimately idiots can choose to change lanes into you any time they want so trying to never be next to someone is impossible

  48. It's not about psychic ability. It's about training, experience, and instinct. I've avoided accidents similar to this with less warning because i anticipated something might happen. Is it reasonable to expect someone to avoid an accident like this? No, it's not. The average driver just is equiped for that. Is it possible? Yes

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