1. The idea is that the business is ruined and that hurts the livelihood of the owner, and while I agree the other thing us worse there are some business owners who rely on the income to keep their heads above water. In these cases I don't know what the correct answer is, I do agree however that deeming a broken window an act of violence but not the harm caused by the free market is horrible and really does shed a light on how dystopian society has become.

  2. If a business goes under because of the cost of a window, then they probably weren't gonna be around long anyway

  3. If you're too tempted, I'd be happy to take that week's supply of stickers off your hands!

  4. If you bike anywhere near the west loop, this would be gone in like 4 hours

  5. Left wing politics are not taken seriously because it's the only type of politics that actually challenges the powerful.

  6. I love this resource but feel like the color coding is in the wrong order. Shouldn't green be "very calm" and orange be "calm" and pink/red be "less calm"?

  7. looks interesting, but i think your link is wrong, this one worked for me:

  8. Yeah sorry I have been having a lot of issues editing that. Oddly it's easier to fix on my phone

  9. Additionally there should be an easy way to dispense it into bottles. Feels weird to load a liquid tank with water and then deconstruct it to get a bottle of it for super computer.

  10. I think there should be a way to go pipe -> tank -> bottle. Rather than having to create a pond and a pitcher pump to get a bottle.

  11. What drives me crazy is it's the other way around. I took one of the mellow bike routes (side streets in a city), on an ebike, so I'm steadily going the speed limit.

  12. We literally gave trillions a day to the banks since the pandemic hit. Corporate profits are at record highs. But somehow that isn't the issue at all.

  13. This is why I ALWAYS use a helmet cam. I used to use my Sony action cam but it doesn't have Dash Cam mode (overwrite the oldest file when full), so I always had to delete videos.

  14. That's a good idea. I'm going to look into getting a cheap one and mounting it to my bike. This was the second time a cop has almost hit me in 3 months. If they ever do, it'd be nice to have evidence and maybe get a payday out of it at least.

  15. Don't mount it to your bike. The vibrations make the video utterly unusable. Your head is a natural gimbal and also proves where you look. If you insist on no helmet, a body cam is better. The Drift XL is $110 last I checked. There are even cheaper models and brands too. If you want I can DM you a pic of my setup.

  16. The story stuff was really different but the gameplay was top notch, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  17. I don't work in IT so I could totally be off, but that seems super low for the IT field based on what I've heard from others.

  18. I also work IT, and it pays WAY less than it should. It needs to be unionized bad

  19. Following the news, climate activist Tadzio Müller posted om twittee that "shit happens, its called a climate fight, not climate cuddles" He has since apologised and deleted the tweet.

  20. One guy being an asshole is not as toxic as a handful of companies ending organized human existence for profit

  21. Cars are so obviously destructive, it's insane that our entire transportation infrastructure has to work around this absurd system.

  22. I understand this; but what's the alternative? No matter what the system, someone will take advantage. Human nature in the form of greed is downfall of all systems.

  23. It'd be cool if we had a pro-labor party. Instead we have one for the bosses, and one for the bosses (but polite to us).

  24. a pet peeve rather than systemic/potentially deadly problems (not to lessen the impact of those issues):

  25. How are they parking it that it takes up so much space? I have a large commuter ebike but it uses the same amount of space on a rack.

  26. I've seen several that park parallel to the whole rack. Tbf, I've seen non-electrified bikes do that too which is equally a pet peeve. Much like "regular" bike owners, poor rack utilization is rare among eBike users too.

  27. Oh so just like horizontal across the rack? We lost 8 spots on our rack yesterday that way. Infuriating every time I see it

  28. The focus on "productivity" as a proxy for human value always strikes me as fascist

  29. Wait, it's that why autistic people don't like eye contact? they have laser vision?

  30. What’s the point of a lower speed limit if no one follows the signs and cops don’t pull over people for speeding?

  31. Tiny silver lining to lower speed limits is we'll be able to say "Cars are going WAAAAY over the speed limit, and we need traffic calming measures since nobody is enforcing this"

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